Theology on Blogs Continued: Constructive Snippets, Cohesive Thoughts

A couple days back I wrote a short entry on the fact that theology is always on the move, and must be adjusted to the times in order that it makes sense of larger more agreed upon truths within our local contexts. Because of this I think it would be helpful to “write theology onContinue reading “Theology on Blogs Continued: Constructive Snippets, Cohesive Thoughts”

Why Theology Should Be Written On Blogs and Wikis

I’ve begun reading more about Stanley Hauerwas in my attempts to find theologians who are influential and brilliant, yet challenge the status quo with their own lives and thinking. One thing I really appreciate about Hauerwas that he focuses on theology that is useful for communities of faith – he is writing practical theology whetherContinue reading “Why Theology Should Be Written On Blogs and Wikis”

The Daily Scribe: New Religion Blog Community and Aggregator

I have received the priviledge to join Shawn Anthony from Lo-Fi Tribe in a new venture called the Daily Scribe. Shawn, formerly a member of the largely popular 9rules blogging community, has decided to leave his post there as religion community leader to start his own venture at Scribe. Because I am really excited aboutContinue reading “The Daily Scribe: New Religion Blog Community and Aggregator”

Putting Ads on Blogs: And Why I Can’t Do It Anymore

I’ve debated over the topic of whether I should have advertisements on ol’ gathering in light since I starting using wordpress back in February. Some of you have noticed the on and off frequency of this site having ads, this was because I was trying to see if I had reactions one way or theContinue reading “Putting Ads on Blogs: And Why I Can’t Do It Anymore”

Blog Party With Friends

Our third ever  “blog party” to happen at our house saw a radical boost in attendance!  For the first two gatherings, JR and I were the only ones to come. However, this time we had 5 bloggers present.  My wife, Emily, decided to join us this time around and although she didn’t work on writingContinue reading “Blog Party With Friends”

Left Behind Eternal Forces – Violence for Christians

Today in the Los Angeles Times, there is an article about a new “Christian” video game: Left Behind: Eternal Forces. The game aims to make a broadly appealing video game, similar to Grand Theft Auto; it is a “real-time” strategy game that “features plenty of biblical smiting, albeit with high-tech weaponry as players battle theContinue reading “Left Behind Eternal Forces – Violence for Christians”

Hey Man Slow Down: The Art of Friendship Behind The Screen IV

I need to finish this series of four articles on Technology and how its affecting our lives in positive and negative ways before it gets away from me. When I first sat down to write about all of this it was because of a couple of prompts; my reading the Time Magazine article on multitasking and teenagers, my reading a book I had just finished by Joseph Grassi and an experience I had on the train. As I have been writing and thinking about all this, there was one last topic I felt I need to bring up: friendship in the technological age.