Left Behind Video Game Hopes to Improve Public Relations Before It’s Too Late

[Edited to Add Picture Link see the bottom of post for more details] I’ve writen a couple time on the new Left Behind Video Game called “Eternal Forces.” Post #1 — Left Behind Eternal Forces: Violence for Christians Post #2 Training Violent Behaviors: Media and the Message of Desensitization [rant] Yes, I admit though IContinue reading “Left Behind Video Game Hopes to Improve Public Relations Before It’s Too Late”

Some of My Favorite 2006 Mac Weblogs

I love using a mac and I love to keep up with all the new tricks, tips, shareware and freeware that that mac community continues to make. Over the past year I’ve found some great Apple bloggers who know their stuff, and who have helped me to hone my mac-skillzzzz. Because of this, I tendContinue reading “Some of My Favorite 2006 Mac Weblogs”

Customized Emerging Church Google Search Engine

I spent a couple hours this morning creating a customized emerging church search engine using Google’s new Co-op feature. I’ve added tons and tons of websites and blogs that deal with emerging church issues. My sources for this list came from Scot McKnight, Ryan Bolger, The Daily Scribe, Andrew Jones, Jordon Cooper, Adam Cleaveland andContinue reading “Customized Emerging Church Google Search Engine”

The Daily Scribe Project Has Re-Opened

UPDATE:10.24 There have been a number of issues that came up over the future of the Daily Scribe, a religious blogging community aimed at “content” driven bloggers of various faith traditions, an aggregator driven site with 49 members a part of the community. Shawn Anthony of Lo-Fi Tribe founded the project this past summer, andContinue reading “The Daily Scribe Project Has Re-Opened”

How to Setup Your Blog (WordPress) For Students

This was cross-posted over on Ryan Bolger’s class blog, which I wanted to announce anyway. If you’re interested in seeing what we’ll be up to this quarter jump on over there and check it out. I am looking forward to the class I am a teacher’s assistant for “Transforming Contemporary Cultures.”

Live Update – Now Finished

This morning I came over to Fuller’s Coffee Shop, made myself a mug of Cafe’ au Lait, plugged in my iPod and am listening to Starflyer 59’s new album, My Island. I’ve cracked open mywebsite code, uploaded the bleeding-edge version of Subtle, and am doing a few little things here and there to tidy thingsContinue reading “Live Update – Now Finished”

Cheap Mac Apps for Students and Teachers

I’ve been thinking about compiling one of those “favorite apps” posts that we mac users like to do (too often no doubt). But in keeping with the tradition of mac-lovers I thought it would be good for someone to have a limited list of apps useful for educational purposes (i.e. cheap and easy to use).Continue reading “Cheap Mac Apps for Students and Teachers”