Empire & The Multitude (Rev 7)

Here is the message I shared at College Park Baptist Church in Greensboro, NC on July 31, 2016. Cross posted from my medium blog. The Rally Thank you for inviting me here this morning [my name is Wess Daniels and I’m a Quaker minister and teacher at Guilford College] and I am glad to see […]

Revelation is Remix (Revelation 21-22)

The ‘Self-Portrait’ as Remix A couple weeks back I showed you this image [Bob Dylan’s album titled Self-Portrait]. The cover image is one that Dylan himself painted. I couldn’t find any mention of who the cover was supposed to be, but it has a certain resemblance to Pablo Picasso’s own painting also titled “Self-Portrait.” When […]

Economics, Poverty and Crashing the Beast’s Party (Revelation 13, 18)

Making Heads and Hands of the Mark of the Beast If there is one aspect of Revelation that has been overused, abused and fallen prey to our constant temptation to make John’s first century letter a document that predicts the future it has to be the mark of the beast. What was the mark of […]

Darkness, Lampstands and Light (Revelation 2-3)

The Lampstands in the Darkness This past week the American consciousness has been tilted towards the East Coast. Every news source, every line posted to social media, and many of the prayers offered up have been on behalf of those who were injured, killed and/or traumatized on Monday in the Boston marathon bombing. You may […]