Thomas Merton: A Prayer For the Simplicity of Life and Love

This is a prayer from New Seeds of Contemplation by Thomas Merton that I find to be moving, challenging and intriguing. Take a moment to be drawn in to the Spirit as you read this prayer. “Justify my soul, O God, but also from Your fountains fill my will with your fire. Shrine in myContinue reading “Thomas Merton: A Prayer For the Simplicity of Life and Love”

Liturgical Prayer Based on the Lord’s Prayer

As I near the end of my series on the Lord’s Prayer I want to turn now to a small liturgy I’ve written that is based off the Lord’s Prayer and the conclusions I’ve arrived at through this series. This liturgy was made to help conceptualize in a communal setting ways in which, we theContinue reading “Liturgical Prayer Based on the Lord’s Prayer”

The Daily Scribe: New Religion Blog Community and Aggregator

I have received the priviledge to join Shawn Anthony from Lo-Fi Tribe in a new venture called the Daily Scribe. Shawn, formerly a member of the largely popular 9rules blogging community, has decided to leave his post there as religion community leader to start his own venture at Scribe. Because I am really excited aboutContinue reading “The Daily Scribe: New Religion Blog Community and Aggregator”

Matthew 6:10-11 The Kingdom of God and Prayer for Bread

Continuing my series on the Lord’s Prayer and how it functions as both a mission statement and community formating guide for the churchh.  We now direct our attention to further exposition of the prayer itself – this post in particular deals with Matthew 6:10-11.

Emerging Church Resources: A Beginners Reference Guide

When people find out that I am one of Ryan Bolger’s understudies I get asked what I think of the emerging church and frequently what resources are good for people interested in finding out more about the Emerging church. In hopes of making a useful guide I’ve created a small list that is meant asContinue reading “Emerging Church Resources: A Beginners Reference Guide”

Reflecting On Your Influences

Every now and then it is a good idea to consider the influences you have in your life, maybe a “lull in grace??? as Patrick has called it, is a perfect time.  I  first thought I would make a top three list of four different categories; books, music, movies, and blogs; but later decided toContinue reading “Reflecting On Your Influences”

A Short Prayer Service with The Lord’s Prayer

Getting back on track of doing some work on the Lord’s Prayer I thought I would offer a simple prayer service we used for small group a while back. This could work as a personal time for reflection or for small groups, and can be changed and modified to your own liking. This is setContinue reading “A Short Prayer Service with The Lord’s Prayer”