Kicking it Quaker Style

The main reason we went up was because Robin invited us, but it was really great to hear what Peggy Parsons and Marge Post Abbott had to say about their experiences in the Friends Church…. I have a few new ideas that have sprung from our time there that will later be explored but for now what I can say is that it is great to meet new people and be challenged by new/different ideas.

Critiques and Possibilities: Evangelicalism Part III

When we welcome the authority of tradition, the Holy Spirit, the community of believers and the Bible then we level the playing field and invite the whole of creation to come and know Jesus.Viewing the Bible as an Authority, which guides and directs the believer’s life is a strength within the Evangelical community…. The Bible is a part of this work, but when Evangelicalism downplays other parts of God’s work in order to elevate the written word they have forgotten that it is the Spirit that birthed the Word, the community and the tradition.

Reflections on Evangelicalism Part I

There are at least five main things that make up Evangelicals George Marsden states that the essential beliefs are: “(1) The Reformation doctrine of the final authority of the Bible, (2) the real historical character of God’s saving work recorded in Scripture (3) salvation to eternal life based on the redemptive work of Christ, (4) the importance of evangelism and missions and (5) the importance of a spiritually transformed life.??? Even among evangelical scholars there is some disagreement as to the essentials, as Mark Noll points out Scotland’s David Bebbington’s four main beliefs that make up the core of evangelicalism: “Biblicism (reliance on the Bible as the ultimate religious authority), conversionism (or an emphasis on the new birth), activism (or energetic, individualistic engagement in personal and social duties), and crucicentrism (or focus on Christ’s redeeming work as the heart of true religion).???

getting back to things

I have taken a bit of a hiatus from the world of blogging, primarily beacuse I have been recovering from writing the Barclay Press entries. I was asked to review Ryan Bolger’s new book “Emerging Churches” for Barclay Press’s book review in February. I am really excited about this prospect, as I really respect Ryan’sContinue reading “getting back to things”

The Temptation to Stand for Nothing

“the temptation to stand for nothing” America is full of uber-evangelical-legalistic-rightwinged Christians that I along with my many post-evangelical colleagues have tried to forge a “third way” so to speak. What I mean is that I can be a ‘Christian’ (I am using the term loosely here) that is either a)an evangelical that is influencedContinue reading “The Temptation to Stand for Nothing”