Alasdair Macintyre On Rights and Protest: Are We Just Talking To Ourselves?

In keeping with the conversation at bay, MacIntyre’s words on protest are fitting. In his seminal work “After Virtue” he focuses on arguing how and why the “Enlightenment project” failed. Essentially it is because the modern period has stripped away from humanity any social context in which to couch morality and instead focused solely on […]

An Iraq Exit Strategy Some Ideas On How to Leave From Jim Wallis

While at the politics and spirituality conference we got to hear Wallis, Richard Rohr and Anne Lamott speak. They were also given time after their talks to answer questions from them audience. This gave a bit of a chance for the rest of us to interact a little with the speakers. On the morning Wallis […]

Moving Our Conversations Beyond Just Talk: Affirming Practices in Others

My last post about Jim Wallis’ new blog has generated an important discussion that’s got me thinking not only about the leaders we support but also what things about those leaders we support and where we draw the line (this post may not make a lot of sense unless you’ve at least looked those comments […]

I’ve liked the stuff that Sojourners has been putting out as long as I have known about them, they focus on many issues that face the church from a position that tries to bring together conservative and liberal Christianity.  This has been something Jim Wallis has focused on repeatedly, with his newest book, and in […]