Building a Participatory Pedagogy

Given my love for teaching, and my forced time off this winter semester, a time I would typically be teaching, and the various teaching opportunities I have with Camas Friends, I have been reflecting a lot on what it means for me to be an educator. I want to share some of the key building blocks I amContinue reading “Building a Participatory Pedagogy”

Using Wiki’s for Class Collaboration – Fall Quarter 2008

This year I will be assisting Ryan Bolger (his new website) in his classes again, for the fall quarter we’re doing Church in Mission. Over the last three years I’ve TA’d a number of different classes with him and he’s always doing some really great things with technology and the classroom. Our typical approach has beenContinue reading “Using Wiki’s for Class Collaboration – Fall Quarter 2008”

Thoughts on Pedagogy: Does Technology in The Classroom Help or Hurt?

A couple weeks back I had the great privilege to meet with some of the faculty and staff at the school where I attend, to discuss updating the classrooms on campus for better learning. The school was recently awarded a grant with this specific task in mind. One question raised was “What are the bestContinue reading “Thoughts on Pedagogy: Does Technology in The Classroom Help or Hurt?”

Setting Up Delicious for Researching The Web

One of my favorite free, online tools is the social bookmarking website known as delicious (see my Because I read a lot of blogs, and visit websites all the time I need a way to remember which ones were really good, which ones offer great critiques about such and such, and which sites I’dContinue reading “Setting Up Delicious for Researching The Web”