A Hidden Wholeness Chapter 3 – Sketchnotes and Discussion Questions

We have been reading through Parker Palmer’s “A Hidden Wholeness: The Journey Toward and Undivided Life,” at our church lately and are loving it. I have been sharing our discussion notes each week (Week one and Week two can be found here). Here are the links for chapter three: Quotes, Scripture and Discussion Notes forContinue reading “A Hidden Wholeness Chapter 3 – Sketchnotes and Discussion Questions”

A Hidden Wholeness Chapter 2 – Sketchnotes

Over the next ten weeks or so we at Camas Friends Church are working through Parker Palmer’s book, “A Hidden Wholeness: A Journey Toward an Undivided Life.” I will continue to post our discussion guides and the sketchnotes here for those who may be interested in using them for your own study or small group discussions. HereContinue reading “A Hidden Wholeness Chapter 2 – Sketchnotes”

Sketchnotes from Palmer’s “A Hidden Wholeness” Chapter 1

We are reading through Quaker author Parker Palmer’s wonderful book, A Hidden Wholeness: The Journey Toward an Undivided Life. As a part of my preparation for leading the group I am making sketchnotes of the chapters. Here are the sketchnotes for the prelude and chapter one and here are the discussion questions from those same chapters. IfContinue reading “Sketchnotes from Palmer’s “A Hidden Wholeness” Chapter 1″