the media, culture and the past year #1

In any case we’ve gotten at least more interested in TV shows.A Bit About MediaIn”The (Magic) Kingdom of God: Christianity and Global Culture Industries” Michael Budde he talks about the “old art of TV bashing” and quite frankly his tv-bashing is pretty good – because what he points out is the impossibility to cultivate kingdom practices within a community of faith when so much time is spent in front of the television…. One of the main purposes of media is to create a desire or need – so that people keep coming back.This is why churches and every Christian must be careful with the intake of what kinds of things we allow to influence us. Many of us have been formed not only in the consumerist culture of American but also in the “consumerist” culture of our churches – we’ve learned how to consume spiritual life in the same way that we consume any other product that is sold to us. In “Emerging Churches” Ryan Bolger states, “When churches decide to make entertainment their main focus, they create a continued expectation and desire for more.