DVDevos – Video Devotionals for Visual Christians

This week I wanted to highlight the ministry of two Evangelical Friends and some of the cool things they’re doing. Matt Taflan and Shawn Belt, both from Ohio, have joined together in Florida to make short video devotionals they are calling DVDevos. They see this as an opportunity to bring together creativity and Christian faith,Continue reading “DVDevos – Video Devotionals for Visual Christians”

Left Behind Video Game Hopes to Improve Public Relations Before It’s Too Late

[Edited to Add Picture Link see the bottom of post for more details] I’ve writen a couple time on the new Left Behind Video Game called “Eternal Forces.” Post #1 — Left Behind Eternal Forces: Violence for Christians Post #2 Training Violent Behaviors: Media and the Message of Desensitization [rant] Yes, I admit though IContinue reading “Left Behind Video Game Hopes to Improve Public Relations Before It’s Too Late”

UCLA and the Taser Incident – We Tase in the Stacks Now

I don’t go to UCLA, but because I live in LA this incident hits close enough to home to draw some reflection and criticism from where I stand. If you’re not sure what I am talking about Slashdot has a succinct explanation based on the article in the Daily Brun. This action has brought nationalContinue reading “UCLA and the Taser Incident – We Tase in the Stacks Now”

Join Me on Buy Nothing Day – November 25th

As a follow-up from yesterday’s article I wanted to mention “Buy Nothing Day.” Adbusters does an event every year where they encourage people to not shop on one of the biggest shopping days of the year – November 25th (Saturday). Emily and I will be joining them and I’d like to extend that invitation toContinue reading “Join Me on Buy Nothing Day – November 25th”

Culture Jam and the Radical Reformation

I just finished reading “Culture Jam: How to Reverse America’s Suicidal Consumer Binge–And Why We Must” (Kalle Lasn) for the first time over the weekend. This was another book assigned for Ryan’s class, which I will be leading a discussion on this coming thursday. Sometimes I wonder how I am so behind the times. ThisContinue reading “Culture Jam and the Radical Reformation”

Training Violent Behaviors: Media and the Message of Desensitization

I had the opportunity to read a fascinating and very thought provoking book this past week called, “Transforming the Powers: Peace, Justice and the Domination System.” The basic idea of the book is taken from Walter Wink’s idea of the “powers and principalities” which consist of the “spiritual dynamics at work in the institutions andContinue reading “Training Violent Behaviors: Media and the Message of Desensitization”

The Daily Scribe: New Religion Blog Community and Aggregator

I have received the priviledge to join Shawn Anthony from Lo-Fi Tribe in a new venture called the Daily Scribe. Shawn, formerly a member of the largely popular 9rules blogging community, has decided to leave his post there as religion community leader to start his own venture at Scribe. Because I am really excited aboutContinue reading “The Daily Scribe: New Religion Blog Community and Aggregator”

World Hunger and Sustainable Eating

It’s important for me to point out a fellow Fuller PhD student, Russ Kirby, who has written a stellar argument for having a sustainable Diet. Russ, a practical theologian, says, If there is enough food to fully feed the world, then why are 840 million people still literally starving to death? Why do at leastContinue reading “World Hunger and Sustainable Eating”

What Evangelicalism is: Part II

I am not sure where I fall, nor do I really think it matters all that much, in the Evangelical rubric, but I can affectionately repeat what Brian McLaren says about Evangelicalism in his book A Generous Orthodoxy,“Big E Evangelical refers to a segment of the church that I love and from which I hail, but which I don’t thin I understand so much anymore, and in which I may no actually be wanted anymore (116).???I must confess I personally have grown weary from the many constraints of theological assumptions that make up much of the Evangelical movement, and I agree with a number of scholars that many of those presuppositions and its core values have limited the work of the Church…. (Understanding Fundamentalism and Evangelicalism, 4)“Even among evangelical scholars there is some disagreement as to the essentials, as Mark Noll points out Scotland’s David Bebbington’s four main beliefs that make up the core of evangelicalism: ???Biblicism (reliance on the Bible as the ultimate religious authority), conversionism (or an emphasis on the new birth), activism (or energetic, individualistic engagement in personal and social duties), and crucicentrism (or focus on Christ’s redeeming work as the heart of true religion).