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All My Favorite People Are Grieving

This morning we did a worship and prayer service around making “peace with loss.” Through prayers, songs, silence and the lighting of candles we remembered the many who have lost loved ones in the past year, and considered those who have suffered loss in other ways as well. In some of our planning, we realized that many have suffered loss this past year – 2010 has been difficult for many. And in making this observation it seemed timely to have spend time together sharing about this and preparing to move into a new year and invite new movements of the Spirit of God. This is part of our “Peace Month” that we are celebrating with other Northwest Yearly Meeting Churches. In working to make peace with loss we do some of the important internal work necessary to practice peace out in our world. Peacemaking is always this back and forth between the inner and the outward components of our lives.  (Here are the readings and prayers from this mornings worship service.)

During the service we invited people to come up and light a candle and say out loud the name of a person who they lost, or light one for a particularly difficult situation one faced in the past year. This was very moving to see take place and many came forward. I knew that there had been a lot of loss in our community, but until all the candles were lit I didn’t realize just how much. I realized just how many of the people we love in our church are grieving.