Rain in Los Angeles (What More of a Headline Do You Need?)

So when it rains here I am not so surprised by this moist substance falling from the sky, though I am pretty sure that’s what would happen if it snowed here for many; no, there isn’t any surprise by the rain – but there is by the people…. I was walking my time card over the SIS office today when I realized that basically Fuller’s entire campus is outside – there is so little protection from the rain that it pretty much flows everywhere there’s an opening.

getting back to things

I have taken a bit of a hiatus from the world of blogging, primarily beacuse I have been recovering from writing the Barclay Press entries. I was asked to review Ryan Bolger’s new book “Emerging Churches” for Barclay Press’s book review in February. I am really excited about this prospect, as I really respect Ryan’sContinue reading “getting back to things”

On the City – Reflections on the Poor and Skid Row

I must say that these conversations as of late have been very stimulating, all this talk about living and not living in places of perceived danger and felt danger.  I have some last words to say before I head out on a two-week hiatus in a couple days. I am not trying to con-vice anyoneContinue reading “On the City – Reflections on the Poor and Skid Row”

Fourth of July in Skid Row

I found, at least for myself, one of the best places to spend a fourth of July Church service at – an African-American Church located in the middle of the hopeless and Notorious Skid Row of Los Angeles. Emily and I went to Central City Community Church of the Nazarene (CCCN) this Sunday and experiencedContinue reading “Fourth of July in Skid Row”