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The No. 666 & Resisting Empire: Inverse Podcast Interview

Inverse Podcast with Hosts Jarrod McKenna and Dr. Drew Hart

Last week, my interview with the Inverse Podcast was published. The conversation with Drew Hart (Professor at Messiah College, Author of The Trouble I’ve Seen, Changing the Way the Church Views Racism) and Jarrod McKenna (Australian theologian and activist) was a lot of fun and broad in terrain. The main focus of the podcast was my book, Resisting Empire, where we spent time discussing Quakerism, some of the broad themes in book of Revelation, the Poor People’s Campaign, and the Mark of the Beast, the meaning of the numbers 666 and more. It’s well worth the listen, and great intro into a very different way of reading and understanding the Book of Revelation.

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I recommend not only listening to my interview but checking out all the great guests they have on Inverse. They’re doing really great work.

You can listen to Inverse through Apple Podcasts, Overcast, and anywhere you get your Podcasts.

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Interview With Tom Sine and Jarrod McKenna On The New Conspirators

Tom Sine’s recent book, The New Conspirator’s, has been gaining a lot of attention since it was released last month. This week he’s staying with my friend and emerging peace church activist Jarrod McKenna. Tom and his wife are staying in Australia with McKenna at the Peace Tree community, and traveling around Perth doing some speaking engagements. Today, both Jarrod and Tom were interviewed on a local Perth radio station about the book, and some of the connections between Tom’s book and what Jarrod and the Peace Tree community aredoing. You can check out the radio interview over at Rodney Olson’s website

I’m pretty excited about what the Peace Tree is doing, and what Tom is trying to encourage through his four streams of church renewal. The four streams are missional, mosaic, emergent and new monastic. As you all know these have been around for awhile, and so it is not Tom who is guilty of my comments below, as much as all of us (I am as much an insider in this conversation as the rest of us). Yet, I have also had some cautions (or maybe criticisms) of these as categories when it comes to identifying with them as the categories that define our movements.