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The Story of Stuff: Where It Comes From and Where It Goes

 As you know I’m interested in the environment and how our everyday practices impact it, so I’m always happy to see more people trying to raise awareness through creative means. A friend sent this link around the other day urging us to take the 20 minutes and watch the video. I’m going to do the same thing here.  Please, take a look at this video, watch it while you eat breakfast or watch it instead of your evening show, but really you’ll enjoy it, learn from it and be challenged by it. I know I was. I like the fact that its really well done, Annie, the host doesn’t brow beat anyone, she’s candid, has her facts straight and uses some fun and creative animation to help tell her story. Her story has a little more teeth to it than other enviro-films, in that she tackles production, marketing, consumption, waste as well as the politics behind this stuff. Here’s a teaser:


Dress Down Friday June 22 | The Green Edition

Here’s another edition of dress-down Friday. This week I wanted to focus on green issues, and let me forewarn you: this is somewhat intense. I’ve decided to focus more of my attention on these issues, and try and help do what I can to educate and make aware the seriousness of caring for the creation.

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Resources and Tips for Becoming Green and Protecting OUR Environment

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I am continually challenged to be more frugal with the way I live my life, expend resources, and how my choices affect others (often people I don’t know and will never meet). When we talk about “saving the planet,” being “environmentally friendly,” or “creation care,” it’s easy to see people take sides instantly. I am not quite sure why this is, why would we argue about reasons not to care for the world, and in the process care for other people, or on the other side why would be argue about the specific of how to go about being “green” with people who are already trying to do what they can?

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Finding the Right Bike for Your Commute

255966988 1B6E0251CaI mentioned earlier that I recently bought a new [used] bike and I debated on whether to say anything about it here, I wasn’t really sure anyone would care. But because I love bikes and blogging so much I finally broke down and thought I’d give a few pointers on finding the right bike for your commute.


Spending Money as Christians: A Quaker Perspective

Last night Emily and I had the opportunity to hang out with some of our good friends from Ohio and eat some fantastic sushi.  During the course of the evening, we encroached on a sometimes-touchy subject (except for this night): How Christians spend their money.