Guest Post: Matthew Hoopes’ Top 5 Albums of the Year

Since he spends so much time immersed in music, I asked my good friend, and fellow Canton, Ohio native Matthew Hoopes of Relient K to share his top 5 Albums of 2008 with the gathering in light community. This is his first guest post here, and it’s a a pleasure to have him. Here’s whatContinue reading “Guest Post: Matthew Hoopes’ Top 5 Albums of the Year”

FAQs: Why is God Communal?

This is a guest article written by friend and colleague JR Rozko of Life as Mission. “FAQs of a Theologian” is a segment I run from time to time that seeks to answer basic questions that get asked of people with theology degrees. If you would like to submit a question contact me, or submitContinue reading “FAQs: Why is God Communal?”

Book Review on Brian McLaren’s “The Secret Message of Jesus”

This is a guest post, reprinted with permission, Review and rant by Jarrod McKenna. What’s emerging out of the “emerging church movement”? Ever wonder what will emerge out of the ‘emerging church movement’? Watching from the very different context of Australia it’s interesting to observe some of the heat Brian McLaren’s new book “The SecretContinue reading “Book Review on Brian McLaren’s “The Secret Message of Jesus””

FAQs: What is the value of confession?

Frequently Asked Questions (of a theologian) is a weekly segment where a guest or myself answers a question that gets commonly posed to theologians. The basic idea is to take a theological question and offer an answer that is concise and useful for ‘everyone else.’ If you’d like to submit a question, and we’d loveContinue reading “FAQs: What is the value of confession?”

FAQs: What Are Some Good Books on Biblical Hermenuetics?

This two part article has been contributed by Dr. Chris Spinks. I’ve broken up the question and post into two portions. I’ve been asked to contribute to the “ask a theologian” series. Here’s the question as it was asked to Wess and now to me: “What are some good books (and why) that can helpContinue reading “FAQs: What Are Some Good Books on Biblical Hermenuetics?”