new year thoughts

Actually emily and I have even talked about starting a business in Canton, some really good ideas.I am waiting to do an entrance exam on tuesday for Fuller’s PhD program after that – we wait for a response from Birmingham and Fuller to find out whether I have been accepted…. To top this all off – I realized the other day I am just not that good at my current job and the kinds of things I want to do lie elsewhere.One thing is for sure, its still home and we want to be there more than here.

Speaking Life and Bringing Hope

I posted an entry just prior to this one that will be infact my message at my sister’s wedding tomorrow. October 1. She is 18 and is getting married to her boyfriend since she was 13. I am performing the wedding. There is part of me that doesn’t want to do, I guess it isContinue reading “Speaking Life and Bringing Hope”

Americans, Rights, and Voting

“MY Right” I like millions of others voted today, the painless process of excersizing “my right.” there was a sense of satisfaction every time i clicked that little “inkavote” pen. i did wonder who keeps thinking of these out-dated forms of voting. I was glad that it was in a retirement home also – theContinue reading “Americans, Rights, and Voting”