So School Begins Today: What’s Coming up For Gathering In Light

This past friday I finished up one year tenure as Fuller Seminary’s textbook buyer.  I began working at the bookstore in the beginning of summer 2005 and shortly thereafter I took over with this full-time position.  Well, even though I had a hard time adjusting to full-time work and no school I have enjoyed theContinue reading “So School Begins Today: What’s Coming up For Gathering In Light”

The Cross and a Statue

I wonder sometimes, whether I’ve gone off the deep end; I find myself criticizing stuff like this so often.  There are so many things that get under my skin; I’m a very happy and fairly contented person, really I am.  It’s just when I see things like this I want to crawl under a rock.Continue reading “The Cross and a Statue”

I Think I Did A Mean Thing to Your H2

Okay so there isn’t much of a secret about how I feel about environmental issues, I think especially Christians should be concerned with how we care for creation. We have a responsibility to take care of what God left in our stewardship, this is why Emily and I do some of the things we doContinue reading “I Think I Did A Mean Thing to Your H2”

World Hunger and Sustainable Eating

It’s important for me to point out a fellow Fuller PhD student, Russ Kirby, who has written a stellar argument for having a sustainable Diet. Russ, a practical theologian, says, If there is enough food to fully feed the world, then why are 840 million people still literally starving to death? Why do at leastContinue reading “World Hunger and Sustainable Eating”

Reflecting On Your Influences

Every now and then it is a good idea to consider the influences you have in your life, maybe a “lull in grace??? as Patrick has called it, is a perfect time.  I  first thought I would make a top three list of four different categories; books, music, movies, and blogs; but later decided toContinue reading “Reflecting On Your Influences”