Join Me on Buy Nothing Day – November 25th

As a follow-up from yesterday’s article I wanted to mention “Buy Nothing Day.” Adbusters does an event every year where they encourage people to not shop on one of the biggest shopping days of the year – November 25th (Saturday). Emily and I will be joining them and I’d like to extend that invitation toContinue reading “Join Me on Buy Nothing Day – November 25th”

FAQs: Why Go to Fuller Seminary for Your Ph.D.?

Sorry we missed the FAQs last week, I was swamped, but we’re back and I’ve got some great guests coming up in the next month. This segment is officially called “FAQs of a Theologian” and it is where I or my theologian guests answer a question that often gets posed to…well, theologians.  With that said,Continue reading “FAQs: Why Go to Fuller Seminary for Your Ph.D.?”

Surviving a Study Program With EarPlugs, a Hiding Place, and Lots of Coffee.

We had a great, and much needed, weekend. Thanks to everyone who helped to make my birthday awesome. Emily and I took it easy all day Saturday. It was good because I actually feel pretty well-rested and ready to go. The next couple weeks are going to get crazy around here. As most of youContinue reading “Surviving a Study Program With EarPlugs, a Hiding Place, and Lots of Coffee.”

There’s Little Time When You’re On the Run – Some Birthday Trinkets

[Edited Twice] Lately I’ve been pretty under-the-gun with school work, and all the extra things going on. I don’t have much time to do some of those I love doing. I hope to write soon about all the stuff I’ve had my hands in but for now that will have to wait.

An Ordinary Revolution You Probably Shouldn’t Miss

I just finished Shane Claiborne’s “Irresistible Revolution,” which is the first assignment for the class I am teacher’s aid for and I thought it was a fantastic read.  In fact, if you’ve got nothing better to do in the next thirty minuets go out and pick up this book. I rarely tell anyone to buyContinue reading “An Ordinary Revolution You Probably Shouldn’t Miss”

Some (Borrowed) Quaker Queries on Simplicity

Awhile back I visited a nearby Quaker meeting with Robin and Chris while they were in town. It was my first experience in an unprogrammed meeting and I really appreciated my experience there and it got me thinking more about queries. One thing I have always loved about Quaker practice are the use of queries,Continue reading “Some (Borrowed) Quaker Queries on Simplicity”

Live Update – Now Finished

This morning I came over to Fuller’s Coffee Shop, made myself a mug of Cafe’ au Lait, plugged in my iPod and am listening to Starflyer 59’s new album, My Island. I’ve cracked open mywebsite code, uploaded the bleeding-edge version of Subtle, and am doing a few little things here and there to tidy thingsContinue reading “Live Update – Now Finished”