LIfe At Woodbrooke Part 2 | Reading and Writing

I’ve been reading and writing a ton while here at woodbrooke, which I suppose is good since that’s why I came here!? I just finished a fourth section to my final paper, it was on Martin Davie’s analysis of why and how Liberal Quakerism became the predominate form of belief in Britain. It took meContinue reading “LIfe At Woodbrooke Part 2 | Reading and Writing”

B’ham or bust: Three Weeks and Counting

Life seems to be moving at increasing speeds lately, it’s all I can do to keep track of the things that still need done before I depart. I am leaving for England in under three weeks now, and still have tons of books that need read, articles that need to get finished, grading to do,Continue reading “B’ham or bust: Three Weeks and Counting”

Maundy Thursday (House) Worship/Prayer Service

A few days ago Emily and I had the idea to invite some friends over to hang out Thursday, tonight, to kick off Emily’s spring break (she rarely stays up past 9pm on a school night). Then I thought that because it was Maundy Thursday it would be great to do a little service withContinue reading “Maundy Thursday (House) Worship/Prayer Service”

I am Heading (Providence) Rhode Island: FWCC Convergent Friends Conference

This weekend I have a great opportunity to spend some time with a group of ecumenical Quakers. I am flying to Providence Rhode Island to participate in the Friends World Committee for Consultation, an ecumenical group of Friends who have been trying to help bridge the gap between the various subgroups of Friends.

Remember You are Dust: Reflections on Lent 2007

The season of Lent began last week on Ash Wednesday, which marks the 40 day period of waiting for Holy Week. Lent is a time of cleaning out our lives, remembering the frailty of life, reflecting on God and preparing space for the pinnacle of the Christian calendar that comes with Holy Week.

The Things We Carry: A Spiritual Reflection on Life With Ghosts

Life with Ghosts Last night Emily and I started to watch “One Punk Under God,” a documentary about Jay Bakker. Jay is the son of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker. I’ve been interested in finding out more on Jay as we had a friend who worked with Jay’s ministry, Revolution, for the past couple years.Continue reading “The Things We Carry: A Spiritual Reflection on Life With Ghosts”

Left Behind Video Game Hopes to Improve Public Relations Before It’s Too Late

[Edited to Add Picture Link see the bottom of post for more details] I’ve writen a couple time on the new Left Behind Video Game called “Eternal Forces.” Post #1 — Left Behind Eternal Forces: Violence for Christians Post #2 Training Violent Behaviors: Media and the Message of Desensitization [rant] Yes, I admit though IContinue reading “Left Behind Video Game Hopes to Improve Public Relations Before It’s Too Late”

Gathering In Light 2006: A Year in Review

This past year has been a lot of fun on many fronts for me but I’ve had an especially great time blogging in 2006. I thought it would be fun to post some of the things that standout in my memory as important events for gathering in light and if you’ve got some fun memoriesContinue reading “Gathering In Light 2006: A Year in Review”

Blogging Goals for G.i.L. in 2007 – A Blogger’s New Year’s Resolution

The new year is finally here, not that I was in a rush to get here but with a sense of anticipation we’re facing another year of exciting prospects. In keeping with a trend common among many bloggers (see Copy Blogger, Fernando and Glenn Worsely) I thought I’d follow up with some of my ownContinue reading “Blogging Goals for G.i.L. in 2007 – A Blogger’s New Year’s Resolution”