Dress Down Friday for 2019-07-26

Here are some of the things I’ve been enjoying this past week. Like most everyone, I’m a huge Stranger Things fan. While we were in Atlanta last week for a visit with family we stopped by to see Starcourt Mall. 😉 The Adapt podcast is a new tech podcast from Relay FM that is focused […]

Dress-Down Friday for June 7, 2019

I’ve got some fun links to share today: I read Austin Kleon’s book “Keep Going: 10 Ways to Stay Creative in Good Times and Bad” and really enjoyed it. It came at a good time for me where I feel that my creativity has been languishing and as a friend told me recently, creativity is my […]

Dress Down Friday | She Walks! (And Facebook Kills)

She walks. Is the music you’re listening to making you dumber? (HT: Hoopes) Here’s an interesting article about being Carbon Neutral on a Shoestring. (HT: Emily) Flourish: a new group for creation care that targets churches and families. Go Humans go? What does that even mean? 10 sites for book lovers. Capes! We all knew […]

Dress-Down Friday | Bubble Project, Jesus on Twitter and Ash Friday

This is another Dress-Down Friday for February 27, 2009. Knowing my constant use of the social network twitter, my friend Cate send this: It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted a video from Rocketbook – here’s a little something on advertising: One thing that really stands out to me from the above video is great idea […]

Dress-Down Friday | Happy First Birthday L Edition

This is a “Dress-Down Friday” in honor of our daughter L, who’s celebrating her first birthday today. I can’t believe it has been a year since the arrival of this wonderful gift from God. This past year has been incredible! Over the past year we’ve experienced the meaning of love and family in completely new […]

Dress Down Friday | Monchhichi and Hawaiian Chairs

Well I’m back after a four-week hiatus. It was nice having guests blog for me, felt like a little vacation. But I’ve been stocking up on links over the past four weeks so I had something good for show-and-tell. Here’s what we’ve got for today: Recently I ran across this post from lifehack.org offering10 Tricks […]

Dress Down Friday | The Looksee, Philosophy and the Leavers

Here is this week’s installment of Dress Down Friday. The Prius just turned 10! I can’t believe it’s been around this long already. Did you know that philosophers play soccer? Neither did I, but I guess some of the old standbys do. Oh and don’t forget the song about them. I swear I see something […]