Jarrod McKenna and the Peace Tree Receive Quaker Peace Award

Just today I got an email from Jarrod McKenna, a Christian activist who lives Down Under. He says of himself, “I’m a lapsed vegetarian who’ll now eat happily my daily bread from dumpsters (but secretly longs for the flesh pots of evil big corporation burgers.) I spend my time as a nonviolence trainer for activists,Continue reading “Jarrod McKenna and the Peace Tree Receive Quaker Peace Award”

Queries from the Gathering

Well in short our meeting last night was wonderful, there was a group of about 13 adults, 4 children (and a few lovely mennonite-volunteers) and I think it would be safe to say we all enjoyed ourselves and learned a lot from each other.  For now I thought I would post the queries that weContinue reading “Queries from the Gathering”

Schedule for Convergent Friends Gathering August 5th 2006

Chris and I powered out a schedule of sorts for this coming saturday so that we have something to work off of.  I have also discussed this with Robin so I am confident that our gathering will be fruitful and a lot of fun. The reason we planned something out is partly because we haveContinue reading “Schedule for Convergent Friends Gathering August 5th 2006”

Further Perspectives on Relationships and the Web

Recently I had a good conversation with a friend about relationships and the web, it seems I get into conversations like this rather often, and in this conversation some new ideas were shaped for me. I thought I’d write some of those ideas out. There are a variety of different forms that relationships take butContinue reading “Further Perspectives on Relationships and the Web”

Convergent Friends: Passing on the Faith in the Postmodern World

My first in-print article has hit the shelf this month in the July/August edition of the magazine Quaker Life. They were also kind enough to offer an online version of it here is an excerpt: What started causing disquiet in me came after I was assigned to read Walter William’s The Rich Heritage of QuakerismContinue reading “Convergent Friends: Passing on the Faith in the Postmodern World”