Catholic Women as Priests

Yesterday, the New York Times posted a slideshow from Judith Levitt of Catholic women who are priests. This might come as a surprise to some of you, but there is a growing resistance movement among Catholics who have been able to find loopholes in their own bi-laws and begin ordaining women: In the last 10Continue reading “Catholic Women as Priests”

Denominations and Traditions: Thoughts on Differences

“To stand within a tradition does not limit the freedom of knowledge, but makes it possible.” Hans Georg Gadamer Today I spent a few hours working on my Mid-Program defense for my PhD program, I will be presenting it to my committee on May 14th. This entails laying out the key questions and motivations behindContinue reading “Denominations and Traditions: Thoughts on Differences”

Thanks, Rose Bowl Parade, For The Trash!

As most of you know yesterday was a big day here in Pasadena because of the annual Rose Bowl Parade. People started camping out on Colorado Blvd. 12pm the day before the parade. And while I won’t fault anyone for wanting to see an army of Storm Troopers and some incredible floats there is anotherContinue reading “Thanks, Rose Bowl Parade, For The Trash!”

First Glance at Radiohead’s In Rainbow

I was in the middle of reading some websites when I got the email notification at 10:50pm tonight that Radiohead‘s new album “In Rainbows” was ready for download. I almost jumped out of my skin trying to switch over to mail and hit the special “UNIQUE DOWNLOAD ACTIVATION CODE” link embedded in the mass email.Continue reading “First Glance at Radiohead’s In Rainbow”

London, the Olympics and Getting Rid of the Poor

I read this article today in the Guardian and thought it was worth pointing out. The article, “London is getting into the Olympic spirit – by kicking out the Gypsies” by George Monbiot argues that the Olympics, often thought of being a way to boost the economy for the poor, is in fact very hardContinue reading “London, the Olympics and Getting Rid of the Poor”

Some Problems with Online Christian Communities | And Why You Should Stay Away

Online communities continue to grow Myspace, Virb, Facebook, delicious, flickr, twitter, digg, 30boxes,, etc, etc, all offer a way for people to share and stay in touch. I personally like the attention web 2.0 companies have paid to making the web more interactive in this way. I use many of the services above, andContinue reading “Some Problems with Online Christian Communities | And Why You Should Stay Away”

Elvis Perkins @ the Echo: Already Looks Like A Classic

This past Friday night I went to see Elvis Perkins with Emily, Cate and Bob. Recently, I found out about Perkins through Paste Magazine. Their review concluded with a statement that grabbed my attention. They said though this guy hasn’t been around long, and it may be too early to tell, the album feels likeContinue reading “Elvis Perkins @ the Echo: Already Looks Like A Classic”

Review of Relient K’s New Album: Five Score and Seven Years Ago (Or Has it Been that Long?)

Relient K’s new album, Five Score and Seven Years came out today [you can read more here] and is currently in 6th place on Itunes. I’m kicking myself currently because I’ve been wanting to write about the album for a while and give a preview of what you could expect from their latest work, butContinue reading “Review of Relient K’s New Album: Five Score and Seven Years Ago (Or Has it Been that Long?)”

James Cameron Found Jesus And He’s Not Even a Theologist!

The Filmmaker, James Cameron, known best for his overblown, and over sunk, romance movie the Titanic is now trying his hand at archaeology, well kind of. See, Cameron has done something no one actually in the field of archaeology has been able to do, he’s found the coffin of Jesus reports “This is London”.