The Rise of Christian Terrorism: Fear Based Religion

I admit that can be hard on the church from time to time, but this is in part because I believe that we have such a grave responsibility to bear peace and reconciliation to the world. In this way I tend to enjoy people like Stanley Hauerwas, John Howard Yoder, Brian McLaren or Tony Campolo,Continue reading “The Rise of Christian Terrorism: Fear Based Religion”

Accessorizing the Christian Life: What Would [Can] Jesus Sell?

Emily ran across an article in the LA Times about a new ‘Christian’ perfume called ‘Virtuous Woman.’ The article is entitled “What Would Jesus Sell?” The main gist of the column is about a new perfume that is hopefully “enticing enough to provoke questions: ‘What’s that you’re wearing?’” And then low-and-behold you have a goldenContinue reading “Accessorizing the Christian Life: What Would [Can] Jesus Sell?”

The Cross and a Statue

I wonder sometimes, whether I’ve gone off the deep end; I find myself criticizing stuff like this so often.  There are so many things that get under my skin; I’m a very happy and fairly contented person, really I am.  It’s just when I see things like this I want to crawl under a rock.Continue reading “The Cross and a Statue”

Theology on Blogs Continued: Constructive Snippets, Cohesive Thoughts

A couple days back I wrote a short entry on the fact that theology is always on the move, and must be adjusted to the times in order that it makes sense of larger more agreed upon truths within our local contexts. Because of this I think it would be helpful to “write theology onContinue reading “Theology on Blogs Continued: Constructive Snippets, Cohesive Thoughts”

Why Theology Should Be Written On Blogs and Wikis

I’ve begun reading more about Stanley Hauerwas in my attempts to find theologians who are influential and brilliant, yet challenge the status quo with their own lives and thinking. One thing I really appreciate about Hauerwas that he focuses on theology that is useful for communities of faith – he is writing practical theology whetherContinue reading “Why Theology Should Be Written On Blogs and Wikis”

I Think I Did A Mean Thing to Your H2

Okay so there isn’t much of a secret about how I feel about environmental issues, I think especially Christians should be concerned with how we care for creation. We have a responsibility to take care of what God left in our stewardship, this is why Emily and I do some of the things we doContinue reading “I Think I Did A Mean Thing to Your H2”

Emerging Church Resources: A Beginners Reference Guide

When people find out that I am one of Ryan Bolger’s understudies I get asked what I think of the emerging church and frequently what resources are good for people interested in finding out more about the Emerging church. In hopes of making a useful guide I’ve created a small list that is meant asContinue reading “Emerging Church Resources: A Beginners Reference Guide”

World Hunger and Sustainable Eating

It’s important for me to point out a fellow Fuller PhD student, Russ Kirby, who has written a stellar argument for having a sustainable Diet. Russ, a practical theologian, says, If there is enough food to fully feed the world, then why are 840 million people still literally starving to death? Why do at leastContinue reading “World Hunger and Sustainable Eating”