First Glance at Radiohead’s In Rainbow

I was in the middle of reading some websites when I got the email notification at 10:50pm tonight that Radiohead‘s new album “In Rainbows” was ready for download. I almost jumped out of my skin trying to switch over to mail and hit the special “UNIQUE DOWNLOAD ACTIVATION CODE” link embedded in the mass email.Continue reading “First Glance at Radiohead’s In Rainbow”

Review of Wes Anderson’s The Darjeeling Limited

We finally got to see The Darjeeling Limited this past weekend at the Arclight (our first time there) and the whole thing was a magical experience. Darjeeling, the 5th full length movie by Director Wes Anderson, does not disappoint. Besides the typical things we’ve come to love in Anderson’s films – slow motion scenes withContinue reading “Review of Wes Anderson’s The Darjeeling Limited”

Liturgies of Quakerism Review in The Friend

For all those of you who get a copy of The Friend, the only weekly Quaker publication in the world, you will see my review of the Ben Pink Dandelion’s 2005 book Liturgies of Quakerism in this week’s edition. It’s pretty neat to finally get something in The Friend and I hope there will beContinue reading “Liturgies of Quakerism Review in The Friend”

Dress Down Friday | Atlas Songs (Wide Array) – New Music from Kevan Pedan

A good friend of ours from Canton, Kevan Pedan, recently mailed me his band’s new album. It’s Atlas Songs’ first full-length and it’s called (Wide Array). I am always excited to see what Kevan does with his music because he’s the kind of artist that is continually reinventing his style and always reaching new heightsContinue reading “Dress Down Friday | Atlas Songs (Wide Array) – New Music from Kevan Pedan”

Dress Down Friday (on Sunday) | Special Focus “Drive” New Fox TV Show

I almost missed doing a my post of random links from around the web this week, but had a little spare time in between church and lunch today to get this out. This is great because I have a special edition today with a focus on a show I am particularly excited about.

Reading for Revolution – George Barna and the Emerging Church

Today I had the chance to lead Ryan’s class for the second time this week. On Tuesday we covered aspects from the book Emerging Churches, while today we covered questions and key insights concerning one of Barna’s more recent hit titles, “Revolution.” Here is some of what we discussed in class today (with slides attachedContinue reading “Reading for Revolution – George Barna and the Emerging Church”

Elvis Perkins @ the Echo: Already Looks Like A Classic

This past Friday night I went to see Elvis Perkins with Emily, Cate and Bob. Recently, I found out about Perkins through Paste Magazine. Their review concluded with a statement that grabbed my attention. They said though this guy hasn’t been around long, and it may be too early to tell, the album feels likeContinue reading “Elvis Perkins @ the Echo: Already Looks Like A Classic”

An Emergent Manifesto Of Hope: A Brief Review

A couple days back I purchased all my books for next quarter (or at least most of them) and one I am really excited about is “An Emergent Manifesto of Hope” coedited by Doug Pagitt and Tony Jones. The book is a collection of essays from emerging church leaders, the essays tend to be theologicallyContinue reading “An Emergent Manifesto Of Hope: A Brief Review”

Review of Relient K’s New Album: Five Score and Seven Years Ago (Or Has it Been that Long?)

Relient K’s new album, Five Score and Seven Years came out today [you can read more here] and is currently in 6th place on Itunes. I’m kicking myself currently because I’ve been wanting to write about the album for a while and give a preview of what you could expect from their latest work, butContinue reading “Review of Relient K’s New Album: Five Score and Seven Years Ago (Or Has it Been that Long?)”