How to Blog for Theology and Religion

I’ve been thinking for sometime about doing a short how-to for theological and religious blogs as blogging is something I’ve grown increasingly interested in and challenged by in the past 6 months.  There are many how-to blogs, and websites that cover tips on blogging – here are a few that I love to read regularly:; Emily Robins; Copyblogger; Lorelle; Blogging Pro; and Problogger; are these are just a few of the people who are dealing with tips on writing, and setting up your site design.

Inner Change Journal #4

Journal #4 July 1, 2004 Today, I began to have that camp feeling arriving with everyone around 9:15, groggy, people feeling more comfortable, and more personal with one another.  Today was a day to think about getting personal with the city.  Two things stand out – our talks about the shift from parish ministry toContinue reading “Inner Change Journal #4”