Young Friends In Newcastle and Some Highlights

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go to Newcastle and hang out at the Young Friends General Meeting. Simon and I stopped on the way up north (Newcastle is about 3.5 hours north of Birmingham) in Durham for some lunch and to take a look at the Cathedral of St. Cuthbert. I wasContinue reading “Young Friends In Newcastle and Some Highlights”

TV: It’s Turn Off Your TV Week

I almost forgot to announce that yesterday marked the beginning of “Turn off your TV Week,” sponsored by There are a number of ways to participate but the simplest way is to unplug the TV for the week. And why not? We have family and friends that would love the extra time, we haveContinue reading “TV: It’s Turn Off Your TV Week”

Marquee: Emerging Approaches to Church Leadership (And The Fading Ones Too)

In our class on The Emerging Church, we spend a good amount of time talking about what leadership looks like, and what it doesn’t because these questions tend to be pretty pressing for seminary students planning on going into the ministry upon graduation. The missional and emerging churches, along with an assortment of anabaptist, radicalContinue reading “Marquee: Emerging Approaches to Church Leadership (And The Fading Ones Too)”

Use Terra Pass to Help Reduce Emissions

I recently learned about Terra Pass, a company that sponsors CO2 reduction. What you do is find out how much emissions you create and then buy passes that act as investments in companies that set off those emissions. Of course the first hope is that we’ll just use less emissions, but then for those flightsContinue reading “Use Terra Pass to Help Reduce Emissions”

Training Violent Behaviors: Media and the Message of Desensitization

I had the opportunity to read a fascinating and very thought provoking book this past week called, “Transforming the Powers: Peace, Justice and the Domination System.” The basic idea of the book is taken from Walter Wink’s idea of the “powers and principalities” which consist of the “spiritual dynamics at work in the institutions andContinue reading “Training Violent Behaviors: Media and the Message of Desensitization”

Finding the Right Bike for Your Commute

I mentioned earlier that I recently bought a new [used] bike and I debated on whether to say anything about it here, I wasn’t really sure anyone would care. But because I love bikes and blogging so much I finally broke down and thought I’d give a few pointers on finding the right bike forContinue reading “Finding the Right Bike for Your Commute”

Spending Money as Christians: A Quaker Perspective

Last night Emily and I had the opportunity to hang out with some of our good friends from Ohio and eat some fantastic sushi.  During the course of the evening, we encroached on a sometimes-touchy subject (except for this night): How Christians spend their money.

I Think I Did A Mean Thing to Your H2

Okay so there isn’t much of a secret about how I feel about environmental issues, I think especially Christians should be concerned with how we care for creation. We have a responsibility to take care of what God left in our stewardship, this is why Emily and I do some of the things we doContinue reading “I Think I Did A Mean Thing to Your H2”