On Earth As it is in Heaven

This is the last week for peace month at Camas Friends even though January officially ended a couple days ago. I thought why not extend it just a little longer so we can focus on making peace with the earth? To get things started off properly I decided to take a couple walks today. FirstContinue reading “On Earth As it is in Heaven”

Food, Inc. Documentary on Where Our Food Comes From (Review)

The tag line for FOOD, inc. is “You’ll never look at your dinner the same way again,” and well, they’re right. This for some of you may be the very reason why you decide in advance to not watch it, or to not read the rest of this post, but let me encourage you toContinue reading “Food, Inc. Documentary on Where Our Food Comes From (Review)”

Dive! The Film: A Review of Jeremy Seifert’s Documentary on Dumpster Diving

At Camas Friends Church, we’ve been doing a monthly film and discussion group we’re calling “Last Sundays for the Earth.” The purpose of the event is to watch a film, or have a person come in and facilitate a discussion, around issues in sustainable living (and what we can do about it as the church).Continue reading “Dive! The Film: A Review of Jeremy Seifert’s Documentary on Dumpster Diving”

Interventions: Discipleship in a Permissive Culture (Pt 1)

This is my reflections on Luke 14:25-35 from September 20th, 2009 and is in two parts, both work independently from one another. Part two has been published here. It was originally titled: Interventions: Discipleship and the Disavowal of all that Obstructs Reversal of The Sayings: Discipleship in a Permissive Culture What if it Luke 14Continue reading “Interventions: Discipleship in a Permissive Culture (Pt 1)”

Interventions: The Clock of the Kingdom (or Learning to Tell and Understand Time)

Reflections from Luke 12:54-59; 13:6-21 September 13, 2009 Intro. We have come a long way in our journey of encounters and interventions through Luke. If you have missed some of our previous discussions I invite you to check out our blog (check out the teaching page) or download the podcast from iTunes. We’ve been readingContinue reading “Interventions: The Clock of the Kingdom (or Learning to Tell and Understand Time)”

Dress-Down Friday | Bubble Project, Jesus on Twitter and Ash Friday

This is another Dress-Down Friday for February 27, 2009. Knowing my constant use of the social network twitter, my friend Cate send this: It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted a video from Rocketbook – here’s a little something on advertising: One thing that really stands out to me from the above video is great ideaContinue reading “Dress-Down Friday | Bubble Project, Jesus on Twitter and Ash Friday”

How Quakers Voted in the 2008 Election

I’ve finally finished compiling the statistics from the poll we conducted here last week. When I initially posted the survey it hadn’t dawned on me that it would be me who had to compile all of the data as well! That took quite awhile, especially since Math and using Excel aren’t Wess Daniels specialities. ButContinue reading “How Quakers Voted in the 2008 Election”

Tracking Emering Churches in Denominations

Most of you know I have at least some interest in the emerging church and write about it from time to time, or maybe it’s just a guilty-by-association thing.  But in either case insofar as these new community’s are ‘missional’ expressions of the church, and exemplify ‘new forms’ of worship, practice and Christian-imagination than IContinue reading “Tracking Emering Churches in Denominations”

Younger Evangelicals Weigh in on Abortion and Other Issues

Once thought to be in the pocket of the Religious Right, many American evangelicals today are discovering a deeper understanding of what it means to be pro-life. Kenny Hiser, communications director from Sojourners sent this article to me that will be their cover article in November, it’s called “The Meaning of ‘Life.’” For the articleContinue reading “Younger Evangelicals Weigh in on Abortion and Other Issues”