_Introduction A couple weeks back we discussed how the resurrection community is a participatory community, that is that Jesus invited his disciples to bring some of their fish and add it to the pile that he brought. The work of the church is to be actively involved in participating in God’s ongoing work in theContinue reading

The Res. Community Part 2: Finders, Seekers (Jn. 20)

This was my prepared message for worship last Sunday. It is the second in a series looking at what it means to be the church in relationship to the final resurrection appearances of Jesus in the Gospel of John. _profiles of Thomas the Seeker I don’t know about you but Thomas has the potential toContinue reading “The Res. Community Part 2: Finders, Seekers (Jn. 20)”

Seeing Beyond What We See

At Camas Friends we are thinking about advent season and how it is connected to our sense of sight this year. Here’s something short I’ve written about it: This advent season we are invited to see the movements of grace all around us. The Christian tradition has for two millenia argued that God once tookContinue reading “Seeing Beyond What We See”

Today is World Habitat for Humanity Day

The United Nations has designated the first Monday in October as annual World Habitat Day. It is a day to raise awareness around the importance of there being affordable and safe housing in the world. Safe and affordable housing is not something that is available to everyone and as the populations continue to grow thereContinue reading “Today is World Habitat for Humanity Day”

Creatures are not Machines

Wendell Berry, in an essay within his book Life is a Miracle (53ff), writes about the persistent problem of some analogizing humans with machines. You don’t have to look far for examples or remarks about the human mind being like a computer chip, or people being talked about as complex machines. Just watch a recentContinue reading “Creatures are not Machines”

All We Grow (Jeremiah 2:4-13)

This is the message I gave on Sunday. Opening_ What are we growing? There’s a new album that recently came out titled “All We Grow,” by S. Carey. While I actually really like the music on the album, I found the title to be compelling enough. The first time I heard the phrase “All WeContinue reading “All We Grow (Jeremiah 2:4-13)”

John Woolman is Dead

Opening Prayer (from the bulletin?) “John Woolman is dead.” These words may at first appear to be simply an obvious  statement, uninteresting and useless. For some, it may be meaningless.Who is John Woolman, anyways? For others, to say that the 17th century Quaker abolitionist is dead understates the obvious in a similar way to someoneContinue reading “John Woolman is Dead”

Preparing for Unprogrammed Worship in A Programmed (Quaker) Meeting

When I was hired as the pastor of Camas Friends one of the things that the elders told me was that they hoped to have unprogrammed (aka silent or open) worship quarterly. This was an attractive idea to me and I was glad they were willing to support this type of worship in our meeting.Continue reading “Preparing for Unprogrammed Worship in A Programmed (Quaker) Meeting”

Life is a Miracle: Making Peace with All Things (Col. 1:15-23)

This is my sermon from this past Sunday on making peace with the earth. First A Confession: This is not a topic I have not always cared about. I am no scientist. I am a total hack when it comes to gardening at this point. I still have quite a big carbon footprint and I’mContinue reading “Life is a Miracle: Making Peace with All Things (Col. 1:15-23)”