Dress-Down Friday: Post-Election Edition

Well the election is finally behind us. So in honor of this wealth of free time we all now have here are some links that you may (or may not) find to your liking. Jim Wallis challenged James Dobson’s 2012 Fear Letter Christians should be committed to the kingdom of God, not the kingdom ofContinue reading “Dress-Down Friday: Post-Election Edition”

Dress Down Friday | She Walks! (And Facebook Kills)

She walks. Is the music you’re listening to making you dumber? (HT: Hoopes) Here’s an interesting article about being Carbon Neutral on a Shoestring. (HT: Emily) Flourish: a new group for creation care that targets churches and families. Go Humans go? What does that even mean? 10 sites for book lovers. Capes! We all knewContinue reading “Dress Down Friday | She Walks! (And Facebook Kills)”

Dress Down Friday Student Tools Edition, Nas and Feist on the Street

Today’s Dress-Down Friday has an assortment of links for you to enjoy throughout the day. A reader named Mark sent in a list of his favorite student web-tools and I thought I’d go ahead and share them here for the rest of you because they are pretty cool. He writes: scanr.com – You email themContinue reading “Dress Down Friday Student Tools Edition, Nas and Feist on the Street”

Dress Down Friday | Guest Blogger Ben

I love guest blogging. There’s a strange thrill in writing something that will appear on a site other than my own. Thank you for giving me this honor, Wess. I’ve never written a “Dress Down Friday” so what I’ve got here is a collection of links that (hopefully) will help you through your last dayContinue reading “Dress Down Friday | Guest Blogger Ben”

Dress Down Friday June 22 | The Green Edition

Here’s another edition of dress-down Friday. This week I wanted to focus on green issues, and let me forewarn you: this is somewhat intense. I’ve decided to focus more of my attention on these issues, and try and help do what I can to educate and make aware the seriousness of caring for the creation.

McCain: “I know how to heal the wounds of war”

I just finished watching the debate and it left me feeling like our country and economy will be safer and better off with Obama at the helm. What caught me off guard about the debate came at the very end in a line McCain gave. While I’ve noted that a number of Christians have pointedContinue reading “McCain: “I know how to heal the wounds of war””

Tips for Using Delicious In (Doctoral) Research

del.icio.us is one of my most daily visited sites. Recently, I read a great post on the delicious blog about librarians and teachers using delicious more and more in their schools. This is an idea I think is fabulous and so I thought I might spell out a few ways I go about using thisContinue reading “Tips for Using Delicious In (Doctoral) Research”