Yet Another Manifesto?! Evangelical Leaders Draw the Line

If you haven’t heard by now (I heard from Halden), a group of (select) world renowned Evangelicals got together and compiled their own manifesto (or see the summary). I say ‘select’ because there are certain voices (namely any strongly conservative or liberal ones absent from the group). It’s not that I care whether they have conservatives,Continue reading “Yet Another Manifesto?! Evangelical Leaders Draw the Line”

David Fitch and Tony Jones On Hauerwas and the Emerging Church

I enjoy reading David Fitch’s blog regularly, and today he’s posted a great response to Tony Jones’ thoughts from last week on the Hauerwas Mafia. The post is an unpublished chapter from his recent book, The New Christians. His post is worth the read, it’s entertaining and provocative, especially for those of us who haveContinue reading “David Fitch and Tony Jones On Hauerwas and the Emerging Church”

Listening As Exchange: The Trouble with God Discerning Our Will

If you ever get the chance to sit in on a silent Quaker meeting, take the opportunity. It’s not the kind of experience you’ll get just anywhere. Yes, it’s intense. Yes, it’s likely to be extremely difficult to “center down” and focus for an hour, but it’d still be a great exercise in listening. WhenContinue reading “Listening As Exchange: The Trouble with God Discerning Our Will”

Remixing In Rainbows (and the church)

In the spirit of creativity and utilizing the web to foster fan-based participation, Radiohead has launched the website and are inviting everyone to remix their latest single “Nude.” They’ve split the song up into five separate tracks and have made each available for sale so that you can remix the song however you’d like.Continue reading “Remixing In Rainbows (and the church)”

Between the Saying and the Said: Speaking Like Children

I’ve been really enjoying Peter Rollins blog lately and was struck by his recent post Did Jesus Speak Hoplandic? In the post he discusses Levinas’ theory about the act of saying something vs. the content of what was said. In it the question, “did Jesus speak Hoplandic” gets at the his point that “Jesus wasContinue reading “Between the Saying and the Said: Speaking Like Children”

James K. Smith on Caputo’s Deconstruction

Since I recently posted on Caputo’s “What Would Jesus Deconstruct?” I thought it would be helpful to point out this article a friend emailed me by one of my favorite contemporary theologians, James K. Smith. Smith, sounding a lot like Žižek (especially in chapter 2 ofThe Puppet and the Dwarf), argues that “orthodoxy” is inContinue reading “James K. Smith on Caputo’s Deconstruction”

The Newsies and the Kingdom of God?

Ok, so I’m late to the game, yes, I just watched Newsies for the first time. Emily still can’t believe I just now saw it. All I can say is that in my home growing up, with four other brothers, musicals weren’t really something we willfully chose to watch (but it was my loss!). I’mContinue reading “The Newsies and the Kingdom of God?”

Step/Not, Hospitality and ‘Realism’ (What Would Jesus Deconstruct?)

Carrying on from my last post I thought I’d point out a few more aspects to John (Jack) Caputo’s book I do like and then say something about what I don’t like. If you’re interest in getting into the discussion on deconstruction, and what it has to do with the church, especially in its moreContinue reading “Step/Not, Hospitality and ‘Realism’ (What Would Jesus Deconstruct?)”

Expecting the Unexpected (What Would Jesus Deconstruct?)

Last week I did a lecture in class on John Caputo’s most recent book,What Would Jesus Deconstruct? I have mixed feelings about the book (more on this later) but I think in either case he makes some very helpful comments. The class I am currently a TA for is Mission in Contemporary Culture. In itContinue reading “Expecting the Unexpected (What Would Jesus Deconstruct?)”

Online Communities and Radical Reformation Perspectives

Today the Urban Connection of the Mennonite Mission Network has published an article on web communities. I am really excited about the article, Online Finds: Web Leads to Real Communiy by Ryan Miller, for a couple reasons. First it shows that the Anabaptists are also asking questions about the global information culture and implications forContinue reading “Online Communities and Radical Reformation Perspectives”