The New Quakers: A Faithful Betrayal? (Quaker Life Article)

Quaker Life Magazine published an article of mine called “The New Quakers: A Faithful Betrayal?” in their January/February 2010 issue. A number of people have asked for me to share it with them so they could read it, so I checked with the editor of QL, Katie Terrell, and gave me permission to share itContinue reading “The New Quakers: A Faithful Betrayal? (Quaker Life Article)”

The Power (and Difficulty) of Forgiveness

Of the many things to be considered today the thing that stands out to me as I sit down to write this is the film we watched this evening called “The Power of Forgiveness.” Four of us from our meeting traveled to St. Luke’s Episcopal in downtown Vancouver to watch this documentary on various (difficult)Continue reading “The Power (and Difficulty) of Forgiveness”

One Take On the Importance of the Quaker Practice of “Open Worship”

Adrian Halverstadt, a Quaker pastor, asks this question on the QuakerQuaker forum boards: I have been thinking a lot about open worship these days. Many of the larger evangelical Friends churches no longer practice open worship in their big venues for many reasons. I guess I am searching for a contemporary definition of open worshipContinue reading “One Take On the Importance of the Quaker Practice of “Open Worship””

A Thought for Quakers on Change

I am preparing my discussion for our Sunday morning meeting for worship and am thinking a lot about what Kester Brewin calls “wombs of the divine,” and creating the necessary space for something new to be born over time (See his book Signs of Emergence) It’s kind of a preference for evolution rather than revolution,Continue reading “A Thought for Quakers on Change”

We All Know That Reality has a Well-Known “Conservative” Bias

One of the things my favorite (fake) newscaster Stephan Colbert says on a regular bias is that “Major media has a well-known liberal bias.” And this is definitely something many people believe. This perspective has cropped up again recently all over the web, and yes on The Colbert Report has helped, with the new ConservativeContinue reading “We All Know That Reality has a Well-Known “Conservative” Bias”

Old Quaker Discipline on the Poor

While I was researching for a recent sermon I came across some great quotes on poverty from 18th Century Quakers. One thing I loved was that the section on plainness and living an unfettered life is right next to the section about caring for the poor. These two things, how we live and what weContinue reading “Old Quaker Discipline on the Poor”

An Old Mennonite Rendering of The Disciple’s Prayer

I came across this old Mennonite rendering of the Disciple’s Prayer and love it. Abba Father God, Bless your holy name. Let your reign come now, Let your desires be carried out. Bring your peace to birth, As in heav’n, so on Earth Give us bread, daily; Free us, as we free. When the wayContinue reading “An Old Mennonite Rendering of The Disciple’s Prayer”

Mission and the Disciple’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13)

Here is the text from my sermon this morning. How many of you have prayed this prayer before (at least once)? How many of you pray it often? What has been your experience with the prayer? My hope is that we can renew our interest, gain an interest or learn new ways of thinking aboutContinue reading “Mission and the Disciple’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13)”

Simone Weil: Gravity and Grace

I’m still (slowly) reading through Simone Weil’s book “Gravity and Grace” for part of my daily time of reflection. Here are a couple great quotes I’ve recently come across dealing with obedience and caring for others. We should do only those righteous actions which we cannot stop ourselves from doing, which we are unable notContinue reading “Simone Weil: Gravity and Grace”