Henry Jenkins on Why Academics Should Blog

Henry Jenkins, a teacher, author and cultural studies scholar at MIT, has written a really thought-provoking post on a number of reasons why academics should blog. I found the essay helpful in framing different scenarios and purposes for a blog done by a students and faculty members. But I’dsay it’s good even for people whoContinue reading “Henry Jenkins on Why Academics Should Blog”

Remixing In Rainbows (and the church)

In the spirit of creativity and utilizing the web to foster fan-based participation, Radiohead has launched the website Radioheadremix.com and are inviting everyone to remix their latest single “Nude.” They’ve split the song up into five separate tracks and have made each available for sale so that you can remix the song however you’d like.Continue reading “Remixing In Rainbows (and the church)”

Tips for Using Delicious In (Doctoral) Research

del.icio.us is one of my most daily visited sites. Recently, I read a great post on the delicious blog about librarians and teachers using delicious more and more in their schools. This is an idea I think is fabulous and so I thought I might spell out a few ways I go about using thisContinue reading “Tips for Using Delicious In (Doctoral) Research”

How To: Make an HTML Email Signature For Apple Mail

My good friend and designer, James LaCroix, showed me awhile back how to make an html email signature for Apple’s Mail program (something it doesn’t do easily). Since I set up that signature I have had a few folks inquire how I made it, so I thought I show the steps here. NOTE: These directionsContinue reading “How To: Make an HTML Email Signature For Apple Mail”

Dress Down Friday | WordPress Themes, Wes Anderson, Google Mashups

Every week I post a random assortment of links, videos, pictures just for fun. In this week’s edition of “Dress Down Friday” I have found some fun stuff this week ranging from LA Metro/Google Map Mashups and new solar powered messenger bags! For wordpress users who have your own hosting, check out this theme generator.Continue reading “Dress Down Friday | WordPress Themes, Wes Anderson, Google Mashups”

Dress Down Friday | Books for Mac, Dashboard Plugin, iPod Hymnbook and Einstein

The majority of entries for today’s DDF are technologically related so get ready to download, upload and…check out stuff. Ben recently pointed out the MyDashboard plugin for WordPress. I highly recommend it. Speaking of great WordPress Plugins here’s one for upgrading your WordPress install with one simple click. Check out Vienna, an opensource RSS readerContinue reading “Dress Down Friday | Books for Mac, Dashboard Plugin, iPod Hymnbook and Einstein”

Why Apple’s Safari Is Still a Smart Option

I like to find out what browsers people like to use and why they like them so I thought I’d take a moment to make a case for why I think using Safari is still a smart option and not just for the Mac fan boys/girls. I also offer some tips you may not beContinue reading “Why Apple’s Safari Is Still a Smart Option”

Live Update – Now Finished

This morning I came over to Fuller’s Coffee Shop, made myself a mug of Cafe’ au Lait, plugged in my iPod and am listening to Starflyer 59’s new album, My Island. I’ve cracked open mywebsite code, uploaded the bleeding-edge version of Subtle, and am doing a few little things here and there to tidy thingsContinue reading “Live Update – Now Finished”

Gathering in Light Goes ‘Subversive’

My buddy, Chris, over at Glued Ideas has created a glorious theme called “subtle” free for all wordpress users. Built into Subtle is an easy way to switch styles, to show the potential of this feature (and because he likes me) he powered out a style all my own called “subversive” (but you can useContinue reading “Gathering in Light Goes ‘Subversive’”