Bookface and The Internet Cafe

Today we had our meeting for worship and I spoke on Hospitality based in Romans 12:9-13. Afterward we did a our second “Internet Cafe,” something I made sure to name in a way that would signal my favorite things: the web, food and coffee. This is something we started a few months back as aContinue reading “Bookface and The Internet Cafe”

Let’s have an Christmas this year

Recently on twitter I said something I’m sure lost me a few followers,  “Let’s make it an amazon free Christmas.” (Though I don’t doubt I say plenty of things on any given day that make people wonder why they associate with me!). But in either case, it’s true, let’s boycott Amazon and every other bigContinue reading “Let’s have an Christmas this year”

Organizing Ministry in DevonThink Pro

[This is a tutorial on software I use for writing and organization.] When I started pastoring I created a DEVONthink database for all things ministry oriented ((See my other posts on DTP here and here). I personally use a handful of databases regularly to help me keep things organized: academics, publishing, home, blogging, and dissertationContinue reading “Organizing Ministry in DevonThink Pro”

Limiting Access: Flickr and Archiving Our Children’s Lives

I’ve been pretty open about sharing our lives online. I regularly post photos on flickr, videos on vimeo, post updates to twitter and facebook and even blog here (on this blog and our family blog “Weird Fishes”) and there about what’s going on with our family. But It’s been an uneasy tension for me. HowContinue reading “Limiting Access: Flickr and Archiving Our Children’s Lives”

Interventions: Jesus and the New Family (Pt 2)

This is my reflections on Luke 14:25-35 from September 20th, 2009 and is in two parts, both work independently from one another. Part one has been published here. It was originally titled: Interventions: Discipleship and the Disavowal of all that Obstructs This part about hating families is at least for me, the most troubling partContinue reading “Interventions: Jesus and the New Family (Pt 2)”

The Unlikely Hero of Psalm 85:1-2

Image via Wikipedia “LORD, you were favorable to your land; you restored the fortunes of Jacob. You forgave the iniquity of your people; you pardoned all their sin.” (Psalms 85:1-2 NRSV)   Jacob wasn’t exactly a hero in the biblical narrative, at least when you look at even a cursory review of his “adventures” leave himContinue reading “The Unlikely Hero of Psalm 85:1-2”

The McCain-Palin Taste for The Secret

We live in a culture of increasing secrecy. Despite claims of being the ‘age of information,’ one might goes so far as to say we live in a culture of ‘the secret.’ Not only has there been a flood of recent secular books all pointing to new secrets being discovered like the strange self-help philosophy of “The Secret,” the blockbuster movie, “The DaVinci Code” or the new pseudo-history, “Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left.” Christians have been getting in on the secret as well with tons of books recently published around, “The Secret Gospel of Judas,” “Discovering the Secret of a Man’s (or woman’s) Soul” and of course, “The Secret Message of Jesus.”

Barclay Press: Gospel Order and Convergence Culture (Part 2)

I’ve posted the second part to my Barclay Press article on technology and the church, called “Gospel Order and Convergence Culture,” have a look. Here’s a short quote from the post: While technology is a dominating force in our world today God’s reign is not excluded from it, God’s reign can emerge from within asContinue reading “Barclay Press: Gospel Order and Convergence Culture (Part 2)”

Using Wiki’s for Class Collaboration – Fall Quarter 2008

This year I will be assisting Ryan Bolger (his new website) in his classes again, for the fall quarter we’re doing Church in Mission. Over the last three years I’ve TA’d a number of different classes with him and he’s always doing some really great things with technology and the classroom. Our typical approach has beenContinue reading “Using Wiki’s for Class Collaboration – Fall Quarter 2008”

Barclay Press: Technology as a Powerful-Practice (Part 1)

I’ve put together a two-part essay on Technology as Power (or what I’m calling, using James McClendon, a powerful-practice) and the second part which I will publish in two weeks on the Quaker notion of “Gospel order” as a counterpoint to what Henry Jenkins calls participatory culture (think democratization of the web, re: youtube, wikis,Continue reading “Barclay Press: Technology as a Powerful-Practice (Part 1)”