Sketchnotes from Palmer’s “A Hidden Wholeness” Chapter 1

We are reading through Quaker author Parker Palmer’s wonderful book, A Hidden Wholeness: The Journey Toward an Undivided Life. As a part of my preparation for leading the group I am making sketchnotes of the chapters. Here are the sketchnotes for the prelude and chapter one and here are the discussion questions from those same chapters. IfContinue reading “Sketchnotes from Palmer’s “A Hidden Wholeness” Chapter 1″

Hope on a Tightrope Sermon #Sketchnotes

Each week as I study, I take a lot of notes. Some of those notes I type into Evernote on my computer, and some of them I sketch out. The stuff that really stands out to me, the important quotes, and image-heavy ideas go down on paper. I love using sketchnotes as a way toContinue reading “Hope on a Tightrope Sermon #Sketchnotes”