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Why I Am Celebrating World Sketchnote Day #SNday2016!


The sketchnoting community is participating in “World Sketchnote Day.”

Before I knew about the word “sketchnote” I had some idea of taking notes and thinking visually. I “bumped” into this idea when I was stuck writing my dissertation and didn’t know where to go with it. I had written out notes tirelessly trying to summarize ideas, arguments, etc, but it wasn’t until I actually sketched the ideas that I had a breakthrough. I have written about that process before, but the main point is that I learned something about myself, the way I think and the way I learn. Drawing, even very simple images, helps my brain make associations that I struggle to do with bare-bones text.

Once I learned about sketchnotes, Mike Rohde, Doug NeillDr. Makayla Lewis, Mauro Toselli and others, I realized there was a whole community of people who think this way. That’s when I really became a fan in the truest meaning of the phrase.

You can check out some of my sketchnotes here, read my thoughts on incorporating sketchnotes into public speaking, and see the sketchnote guide I created for my dissertation to help communicate challenging ideas graphically.

Now, I use this process to create class presentations, as well as a communication tool while I teach. I use it when I take notes during a meeting to help me pay attention, remember key points or just stay awake. I use it when I read books and when I write. In other words, at this point, I sketchnote as often as I can.

  1. How I use Sketchnotes: A Timeline


  1. How Sketchnotes Have Helped Me


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Convergent Model of Renewal: Discussion Guide and Sketchnotes (Chp. 2)

Daniels_AConvergentModelofRenewal_01193_copyWe are doing a discussion at Camas Friends Church on my book, “A Convergent Model of Renewal.” I am posting the sketchnotes and  discussion questions here each week for anyone who would like to download them and use them. Feel free to share and dispense however that makes sense as usual things are shared here under the creative commons 4.0 “share and share alike” designation.

Resource Guide

Download: Sketchnotes: Chapter 2 Sketchnotes.

Download: Discussion Guide Intro, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2.

Download: Chapter One Resources


Convergent Model of Renewal: Discussion Guide and Sketchnotes (Intro & Chp. 1)

Daniels_AConvergentModelofRenewal_01193_copyWe have started a discussion group at Camas Friends Church to discuss my book, A Convergent Model of Renewal. I will post the sketchnotes and  discussion questions here each week for anyone who would like to download them and use them. Feel free to share and dispense however that makes sense as usual things are shared here under the creative commons 4.0 “share and share alike” designation.

Resource Guide

Download: Sketchnotes: Introduction and Chapter 1 Sketchnotes

Download: Discussion Guide – Introduction and Chapter 1

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Meeting for Readings and How to Do Them

Mikel Birkel’s book “Engaging Scripture” Reading the Bible with Early Friends,” is a fantastic book that is helpful not just for Quakers but for anyone looking for different ways of reading Scripture (inwardly, meditatively, together, lectio, for transformation, etc.). It’s a book we’ve used in a variety of settings at Camas Friends Church and people really love it.

One of the things we’ve done Sunday morning a few times is what Birkel calls a “meeting for reading.” A meeting for reading isn’t exactly like the silent reading parties that go on up in Seattle and other cities, but it’s a great idea.


Sketchnotes for Nursery of Truth


These are the sketchnotes from my recent message “The Nursery of Truth” based on John 15.

I’ve been using this much larger size of paper and loving how much I can fit onto one page. I like this approach because it helps to get the whole picture. Once I have this done I begin writing. It doesn’t always turn out like the sketchnotes but they certainly help to guide the writing process.


Learning the Art of Sketchnote Preaching

Many of you know I love “Sketchnote Preaching.” If you’re not sure what that is here is where I was interviewed on Sermon Smith and another one on Sketchnote Army.

Below is a post about how I got into doing this, what it is and how you can to started yourself.

Two years ago I spent the month of September writing the majority of my dissertation, “A Convergent Model of Hope: Remixing the Quaker Tradition in a Participatory Culture.” 

During the third of my four weeks off I hit a major wall. I had written three chapters and was at the point that I needed to bring together a variety of key ideas and thinkers and I just couldn’t figure out how they all wove together – not exactly where you want to be this late in the game but that is where I was with it. My advisor, Ryan Bolger (Fuller Seminary), told me I needed to take a day to pray and meditate. This was a time where I needed an “aha” moment and I couldn’t force that to happen. This was not the advice I wanted! I had a week and a half left of the mini-sabbatical the church gave me and I needed to keep working, but he was right, no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t make it happen.

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The Sketchnote Workbook

Sketchnote Workbook 2014-08-27 12.20.11-1-1I had the wonderful opportunity of being included in Mike Rohde’s new Sketchnote Workbook. This book is both beautifully illustrated and really helpful for learning how to use sketchnotes for all the different aspects of you life.

Check it out.

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Sketchnote Preaching

Learning the Art of Sketchnote Preaching

Awhile back I had an article published over at the Antioch Session blog on sketchnote preaching. If you’re interested in knowing more about sketchnotes and how to use it for your writing and preaching this is meant to be an introduction to the whole thing.

I opened my notebook and I began to draw the images that were floating in my head. I drew people. I drew lines and arrows. I drew symbols to represent texts, record players, networks, remix, critical mass and all the parts of my dissertation. When it was done I had before me my very first – of many to come – illustration of the “convergent model” – which is basically a renewal model for faith communities that want to draw on their tradition within new cultures while being “participatory.” In a matter of about 10 minutes, I went from not being able to explain succinctly or clearly what my model was or how it worked, to not only being able to explain it but show it with some very basic illustrations.

Read more here (and it also appeared here).

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A Hidden Wholeness Chapter 3 – Sketchnotes and Discussion Questions

chapter 3 A hidden Wholeness Sketchnotes

chapter 3 A hidden Wholeness Sketchnotes

We have been reading through Parker Palmer’s “A Hidden Wholeness: The Journey Toward and Undivided Life,” at our church lately and are loving it.

I have been sharing our discussion notes each week (Week one and Week two can be found here).

Here are the links for chapter three:

Quotes, Scripture and Discussion Notes for chapter 3 here.

Download sketchnotes for chapter 3 here.

Quaker Sketchnotes

A Hidden Wholeness Chapter 2 – Sketchnotes

Scan 1

Over the next ten weeks or so we at Camas Friends Church are working through Parker Palmer’s book, “A Hidden Wholeness: A Journey Toward an Undivided Life.”

I will continue to post our discussion guides and the sketchnotes here for those who may be interested in using them for your own study or small group discussions.

Here is a link to the full sketchnotes for Chapter 2: Across the Great Divide.

Here is a link to the discussion guide.

If either are helpful to you, feel free to download, reuse, or remix however you like.