Bookface and The Internet Cafe

Today we had our meeting for worship and I spoke on Hospitality based in Romans 12:9-13. Afterward we did a our second “Internet Cafe,” something I made sure to name in a way that would signal my favorite things: the web, food and coffee. This is something we started a few months back as aContinue reading “Bookface and The Internet Cafe”

Meeting People Is Easy

One thing I love about my job is meeting new people, and subsequently, meeting with people. I love hearing other people’s stories, their ideas and convictions. And, as is fairly obvious, I love to share my own ideas and passions with people too. Every meeting invites the  opportunity to learn something new, something about God,Continue reading “Meeting People Is Easy”

The Call of Hospitality (Doesn’t Need to be long)

This Sunday we’re talking about hospitality and peace. I’m pulling from Romans 12:3-13 but especially the very last line from v. 13 “extend hospitality to strangers.” Hospitality is not only one of my favorite themes in Scripture, but in theological and philosophical writings as well. While I was preparing earlier today, I thought about theContinue reading “The Call of Hospitality (Doesn’t Need to be long)”

Second Tuesdays With the Elders

This evening we had our elder’s meeting. We have five elders, three women and two men, plus myself and the clerk of the meeting, who usually attends but doesn’t have to. We have a great age range, swath of life experiences, different experiences of God and a panorama of gifts represented. Tonight we planned onContinue reading “Second Tuesdays With the Elders”

Mondays are For Practicing Taking Time Off

I have a hard time winding down. My mind is usually juggling a number of things all at once: replaying a conversation over here, working on my sermon over there, considering this or that idea for school on this side, and thinking about what needs done at home over on that side. This is probablyContinue reading “Mondays are For Practicing Taking Time Off”

Six Months With a Quaker Preacher Project

As you may have noticed it’s been quite a while since I’ve blogged with much passion, or interest. This isn’t necessarily a problem, things like this come and go, and in the grand scheme of things this blog is inconsequential. Where it becomes a concern for me is that I really enjoy writing and haveContinue reading “Six Months With a Quaker Preacher Project”