On Earth As it is in Heaven

This is the last week for peace month at Camas Friends even though January officially ended a couple days ago. I thought why not extend it just a little longer so we can focus on making peace with the earth? To get things started off properly I decided to take a couple walks today. FirstContinue reading “On Earth As it is in Heaven”

Feeding Sheep With Steady Diets of This and That

I’ve missed a few days of posting for my series (I try to post on the days I work) but I’m back on it.  I last wrote about my full weekend, and was it ever full?! Here are a few highlights. I was approved to be on the Board of Leadership and Development for theContinue reading “Feeding Sheep With Steady Diets of This and That”

The Final Word?

I got into an interesting discussion today with a gentleman after our meeting for worship about unprogrammed Quakers. He said he had heard “Silent” worship described by someone (a non-Quaker) as similar to a séance and wondered if the practice really is non-Christian. I think it’s a fair question. With so many interpretations of whatContinue reading “The Final Word?”

Conversion(s) a

As of late, I’ve been wrestling with the whole idea of conversion. I grew up going to Catholic mass, going to Catholic schools, learning the Catholic way. I never spent much time thinking about conversion in this context, partially because I was young (I stopped attending Catholic-everything after 8th grade) and partially because they haveContinue reading “Conversion(s) a”

Take Thought for What is Noble/Beautiful in The Sight of All

Today was somewhat of a typical day for me. I did a bunch of office work this morning, answering emails, going through mail, organizing paperwork and I also watched a number of tutorials on the Bible software I use for working on my sermons. Later in the day I spent a good chunk of timeContinue reading “Take Thought for What is Noble/Beautiful in The Sight of All”

The Power (and Difficulty) of Forgiveness

Of the many things to be considered today the thing that stands out to me as I sit down to write this is the film we watched this evening called “The Power of Forgiveness.” Four of us from our meeting traveled to St. Luke’s Episcopal in downtown Vancouver to watch this documentary on various (difficult)Continue reading “The Power (and Difficulty) of Forgiveness”