My dear friends, dwell in humility… (Woolman)

At Camas Friends Church, we’re reading through the journal of John Woolman, a Quaker minister and abolitionist from the 18th century. Lately, I’ve been thinking about the values we often unknowingly impress upon our children. Many of the activities we engage our children in have some kind of underlying “theology” or value-system they propose. By enteringContinue reading “My dear friends, dwell in humility… (Woolman)”

Practicing Discernment Together as a Church

About a month ago we began a Wednesday evening meeting at Camas Friends (the Quaker meeting I pastor). The goal of these meetings are to build our friendships with each other (so we eat together before the class begins), as well as add to our being a learning community. The first book we decided toContinue reading “Practicing Discernment Together as a Church”

John Greenleaf Whittier: The Eternal Goodness

The other evening I was fortunate enough to join some of our local unprogrammed Quaker friends in a meeting for worship. I needed and really appreciated the worship in silence. It is nice to be a Quaker pastor, who can show up and worship in a space where I do not have to be theContinue reading “John Greenleaf Whittier: The Eternal Goodness”

Morning Prayer by Henry T. Hodgkin

I ran across this prayer from Quaker Henry T. Hodgkin (1877-1933) in the most recent Friends Journal issue on Pendle Hill: Firm when all round me is in flux and seething Strong when the knees are quivering and fail, Beat of my heart’s beat, energy of breathing, Over my frailty wilt Thou prevail– In theContinue reading “Morning Prayer by Henry T. Hodgkin”

On Love, Meekness and Watching Over Each Other (Isaac Penington 1667)

My friend Vail Palmer recently recommended to me to read Isaac Pennington’s book of letters. While I was at George Fox University this week for a conference on discernment and leadership I took the chance to visit the Quaker collection there and borrow the Pennington collection. This is the letter I’ve read multiple times thisContinue reading “On Love, Meekness and Watching Over Each Other (Isaac Penington 1667)”

The Present Work of Atonement

Came across this quote today by one of my favorite theologians and it sums up in a really nice way some of what I talked about on Easter morning: “That Jesus died by crucifixion in first-century Palestine is as well established as any fact in his disputed life history. That his first-century followers testified toContinue reading “The Present Work of Atonement”

Prayers: Elizabeth Woolman

I’ve recently re-read John Woolman’s Journal and have found it to be very challenging and nurturing once again. If you haven’t read it yet I can’t recommend it enough (here is a free ebook version. It is also available via independent bookstores like Powells (see below) and Quaker Books). But one of my favorite parts of theContinue reading “Prayers: Elizabeth Woolman”