They Have Threatened Us With Resurrection (1980) By Julia Esquivel

A powerful and challenging poem I came across this week. They Have Threatened Us With Resurrection (1980) by Julia Esquivel; translated by Ann Woehrle It isn’t the noise in the streets that keeps us from resting, my friend, nor is it the shouts of the young people coming out drunk from the “St. Pauli,” norContinue reading “They Have Threatened Us With Resurrection (1980) By Julia Esquivel”

To Change the World Enough by Alice Walker

To change the world enough you must cease to be afraid of the poor. We experience your fear as the least pardonable of humiliations; in the past it has sent us scurrying off daunted and ashamed into the shadows. Now, the world ending the only one all of us have known we seek the sameContinue reading “To Change the World Enough by Alice Walker”

“On the Harm We Have Done” (A Prayer)

Here is a moving prayer confessing the harm that we the church can too often cause: OUR Father, we look back on the years that are gone and shame and sorrow come upon us, for the harm we have done to others rises up in our mem- ory to accuse us. Some we have searedContinue reading ““On the Harm We Have Done” (A Prayer)”

Kierkegaard: Christianity & Sitting Safe and Calm

A quote I came across today that helped me make sense of Mark 8:27-37: To want to admire instead of to follow Christ is not necessarily an invention by bad people. No, it is more an invention by those who spinelessly keep themselves detached, who keep themselves at a safe distance [Just as Peter doesContinue reading “Kierkegaard: Christianity & Sitting Safe and Calm”

Gustavo Gutierrez’s Definition of Poverty

Gustavo Gutierrez’s Definition of Poverty: “What then does being poor mean? I believe that a good definition does not exist; but we can approximate it if we say that the poor are the non-persons, the ‘in-significant ones,’ the ones that don’t count either for the rest of society, and – far too frequently – for theContinue reading “Gustavo Gutierrez’s Definition of Poverty”

‘what thou hast been to me in the night’ James Nayler (A Psalm)

I’ve was reading a variety of quotes from early Friends in preparation for my message on Sunday and stumbled ever so timely on this one. It speaks to my current condition as something I really needed to hear: It is in my heart to praise thee O my God, let me never forget thee, whatContinue reading “‘what thou hast been to me in the night’ James Nayler (A Psalm)”

‘even the thorn-bush by the wayside is aflame with the glory of God’ (Prayer)

Here is a prayer out of the Walter Rauschenbusch book of prayers “For God and the People: Prayers of the Social Awakening.” I believe at least the middle paragraph can be attributed to St. Basil. O God, we thank Thee for this universe, our great home; for its vastness and its riches, and for theContinue reading “‘even the thorn-bush by the wayside is aflame with the glory of God’ (Prayer)”

Advice to Ministers – Hannah Whitall Smith

Here is sound advice written to ministers, but really it’s good for any situation. “Years ago I came across this sentence in an old book: ‘Never indulge, at the close of an action, in any self-reflective acts of any kind, whether of self-congratulation or of self-despair. Forget the things that are behind, the moment theyContinue reading “Advice to Ministers – Hannah Whitall Smith”

Nouwen and The Discipline of Gratitude

I really like what Henry Nouwen writes about the discipline of gratitude: Gratitude … goes beyond the “mine” and “thine” and claims the truth that all of life is a pure gift. In the past I always thought of gratitude as a spontaneous response to the awareness of gifts received, but now I realize thatContinue reading “Nouwen and The Discipline of Gratitude”