‘it defines itself in terms of the growing edge’ -H. Thurman

The crucifixion of Jesus Christ reminds us once again of the penalty which any highly organized society exacts of those who violate its laws. The social resistors fall into two general groups – those who resist the established order by doing the things that are in opposition to accepted standards of decency and morality: the criminal,Continue reading “‘it defines itself in terms of the growing edge’ -H. Thurman”

On the Harm We Have Done

Here is a prayer from Walter Rauschenbusch (1861-1918) that seems as timely as ever, and one we ought to be praying regularly, especially given the state of the church and its too often unfortunate behavior in American society and politics. OUR Father, we look back on the years that are gone and shame and sorrowContinue reading “On the Harm We Have Done”

What is Enlightenment Like? Anthony De Mello

This is a story from Anthony De Mello’s book “Awareness” I used in my sermon yesterday: Somebody once asked, “What is enlightenment like? What is awakening like”? It’s like the tramp in London who was settling in for the night. He’d hardly been able to get a crust of bread to eat. Then he reachesContinue reading “What is Enlightenment Like? Anthony De Mello”

The Dead by Denise Levertov

Earnestly I looked into their abandoned faces at the moment of death and while I and aged their slack jaws and straighter waxy unrestraint limbs and plugged the orifices with cotton but like everyone else I learned each time nothing new, only that as it were, a music, however harsh, that held us however loosely,Continue reading “The Dead by Denise Levertov”

James Alison – Standing at the Edge of an Impact

Imagine two different groups of scientists. One group, armed with a set of encyclopedic guidebooks which are constantly being annotated, take turns to look at a distant star or galaxy through an extremely powerful telescope. The scientists offer comments from what they see, and in the light of what they see, or deduce, further annotationsContinue reading “James Alison – Standing at the Edge of an Impact”

John Greenleaf Whittier (on outward evidence not availing us)

They fail to read clearly the signs of the times who do not see that the hour is coming when, under the searching eye of philosophy and the terrible analysis of science, the letter and the outward evidence will not altogether avail us; when the surest dependence must be upon the Light of Christ within,Continue reading “John Greenleaf Whittier (on outward evidence not availing us)”