Christian Nonviolence: An Incomplete List of Recources on Biblical Pacifism

Rhett asked me today about books I’ve found helpful on the subject of Christian nonviolence, which reminded me that I had planned on doing a post about some of my favorite books on the subject for quite some time. Here’s a list of books I recommend on the subject, they are in no particular orderContinue reading “Christian Nonviolence: An Incomplete List of Recources on Biblical Pacifism”

The Kingdom Call and Practice of Resistance

I have been thinking a lot about “practices of resistance” lately, not just the theology and philosophy behind this but also how to incorporate them into my routines more. So over the next few posts I want to try and develop some thoughts around this as well as explain a couple practices I’m attempting (andContinue reading “The Kingdom Call and Practice of Resistance”

How Many Burgers (Or Burritos) Does it Take To Fuel Your Bike?

I remembering seeing this awhile ago in GOOD, a magazine I subscribe to and really like. I meant to post it then but totally forgot about it until today when a friend sent it to me. It’s a pretty simple equation – bicycling rocks, even more than walking! The only thing I’d change about thisContinue reading “How Many Burgers (Or Burritos) Does it Take To Fuel Your Bike?”

Practicing Re-Collection (or Centering) Prayer

One thing that came out of our weekend retreat was a number of practices I want to work on and integrate into my life. This mostly came from the morning workshop on contextualizing the “testimony to plainness.” In other words, how do we cut out the excessive parts of our lives in 2009? And theContinue reading “Practicing Re-Collection (or Centering) Prayer”