Moses, The Exodus and the Disappointment of Christmas

Moses_ When Moses encountered the Burning Bush in Exodus Moses was faced with a traumatic situation. His past was now to be reconfigured in light of a new, profoundly life-altering experience. The unexpectedness of the burning-bush was exactly what Moses needed to call him to a deeper, more whole-self, a renewed identity and call orContinue reading “Moses, The Exodus and the Disappointment of Christmas”

Which Direction Are We Headed?

 I love traveling, I always have. One thing I have learned is that the type of journey and its destination determine what you’ll pack in your bags. If I am going on a backpacking trip in the Alleghenies (PA) and I’ll be out for 10 days, I will have to pack much differently than IContinue reading “Which Direction Are We Headed?”

Intercession, Wangaari Mathai and Moses (Ex. 33)

This is the message I shared with Camas Friends on October 23, 2011 Introduction Finish this statement: “Intercession is…” Growing up in the church I was most used to hearing about intercession in the form of prayer, intercessory prayer was kind of like an intervention for a family member but done by means of prayer. AndContinue reading “Intercession, Wangaari Mathai and Moses (Ex. 33)”

When The Church Becomes a Department Store

You can drive around most neighborhoods here in the suburbs and find at least some vacant buildings. Some of them are small, and if not historic, they at least have a history.  While others are just enormous squares, nondescript, no personality or history at all. “throwaway” buildings might be a way to think about it.Continue reading “When The Church Becomes a Department Store”

Fall and Winter in the Life of the Spirit

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” – Jesus (John 10:10 NRSV) I love Fall. It is a beautiful transition time from summer to winter. From a time of abundance to a time of rest, where we have now gathered ourContinue reading “Fall and Winter in the Life of the Spirit”

The Red Sea: From Obstacle to Opening (Exodus 14)

This is the text from the message I gave at Camas Friends Church September 11, 2011.  The Experience of the Experience This past week we were at the beach. Searching for rocks. Lily and Mae scooped while Emily and I carefully picked. At first this was frustrating. It felt like an obstacle to us havingContinue reading “The Red Sea: From Obstacle to Opening (Exodus 14)”

Being Drawn Out: Rebel Midwives, Empires and Little Hebrew Babies (Exodus 1-2)

Here is my message from August 21, 2011 (slides can be found here). _a birth story How many of you have given birth or been present at a birth before? [I told Story about L’s birth and the power (for me) of her “being drawn out” of the womb] This morning we’re going to talkContinue reading “Being Drawn Out: Rebel Midwives, Empires and Little Hebrew Babies (Exodus 1-2)”

Uniformity, Religio & Solidarity (Psalm 133)

This is the message I gave during our meeting for worship on Sunday August 13, 2011.  _religion and Norway On July 22, 2011, a 32-year-old man drove his car into the city centre of his hometown, Oslo Norway, near a number of government buildings. He was not out to file for a marriage license, orContinue reading “Uniformity, Religio & Solidarity (Psalm 133)”

The Res. Community Pt. 4: The Last Breakfast, or First Potluck (John 21)

This is the message I gave that is a part of a longer series on the resurrection community from a few weeks back. _The last breakfast on the beach Post Easter we’ve been talking about the res. appearances of Jesus. We thought it would be interesting to see what Jesus’ appearances have to say aboutContinue reading “The Res. Community Pt. 4: The Last Breakfast, or First Potluck (John 21)”

Celebrating Our Interdependence (1 Corinthians 12:12-26)

This is the text to the message I gave on July 3, 2011. _intro: (dis)membership I was reading in a magazine called the Christian Century the other day and they recently put out an issue that deals with issues related to church membership. The title of the main article is: “The Dismembered Church: Attending WithoutContinue reading “Celebrating Our Interdependence (1 Corinthians 12:12-26)”