Meeting is a Muscle: Teaching Worship To Children / Chad Stephenson

This is a guest post written by Chad Stephenson a Quaker from San Francisco. It is a response to the Friends Journal article “Bringing Children to Worship” and my follow-up article found here. This article comes largely from Chad’s work with children as a librarian as the San Francisco Friends School. He’s a good friendContinue reading “Meeting is a Muscle: Teaching Worship To Children / Chad Stephenson”

A Desire that Devours, Widows and an Election (Mark 12:38-13:2)

This is the message I gave on November 11, 2012. “As he taught, he said, “Beware of the scribes, who like to walk around in long robes, and to be greeted with respect in the marketplaces, and to have the best seats in the synagogues and places of honor at banquets! They devour widows’ housesContinue reading “A Desire that Devours, Widows and an Election (Mark 12:38-13:2)”

Scarcity, Abundance and the Sharing Economy (Mark 6:30-44)

This is the sermon I preached on October 28, 2012. It comes from the story of the feeding of the 5,000. Also, note that the general scope and interpretation of this sermon comes from Parker Palmer’s book The Active Life.* The Problem with Scarcity This morning I want us to look at this classic storyContinue reading “Scarcity, Abundance and the Sharing Economy (Mark 6:30-44)”

Quaker Bankers, Tithes and a Chocolate Factory (Matt 10:8)

This is the message I gave on Sunday morning October 19, 2012. You can listen to the audio version of it here. Last week we started to tackle the difficult subject of money and the church at Camas Friends. We discussed some possible ways of approaching the subject in a holistic manner — as caretakersContinue reading “Quaker Bankers, Tithes and a Chocolate Factory (Matt 10:8)”

Curators and Caretakers and the Practice of Giving (Gen 1. 28)

* “Be fertile and increase, fill the earth and master it; and rule…all the living things that creep on earth.” _Curators and Caretakers The church often uses the word “stewardship” to generalize things that have to do with resources that we share in common. We have stewards who take care of our budget, our buildingContinue reading “Curators and Caretakers and the Practice of Giving (Gen 1. 28)”

Thinking Quakers, Money and Stewardship

A couple months back I started feeling the tug to wrestle with the topic of money in the church. As a preacher, I’ve largely avoided the topic like the plague. These are the kinds of things I nightmares about. I was a budding and impressionable young man when PTL when bankrupt and Jim Baker headedContinue reading “Thinking Quakers, Money and Stewardship”

This Little Light of Mine

This is a short-story about how two women helped to bring change in our community. Shortly after I became the pastor at Camas Friends Church I was in my office when a knock came on the door. A ragged-looking woman was standing in the window. It was obvious she’d spent some time on the street,Continue reading “This Little Light of Mine”

Catholic Women as Priests

Yesterday, the New York Times posted a slideshow from Judith Levitt of Catholic women who are priests. This might come as a surprise to some of you, but there is a growing resistance movement among Catholics who have been able to find loopholes in their own bi-laws and begin ordaining women: In the last 10Continue reading “Catholic Women as Priests”

On Parables: Give It To Me Slant

One of my favorite things about Jesus are his parables. Those of us who have grown up in, or at least around the church, know them well. The Good Shepherd, the Good Samaritan, the Prodigal Son, The Workers in the Vineyard, the Mustard Seed, the Wedding Banquet, the Sheep and the Goats and the LostContinue reading “On Parables: Give It To Me Slant”

Amazon Takes on Quakerism?

Some of the Basics* Amazon is one of those companies that’s kind of off-limits for the typical American consumer. I mean, who owns a computer and hasn’t purchased at least one thing from Amazon? I know I have. And who can argue with such a “successful” business model? After-all, shouldn’t we capitalists encourage this kindContinue reading “Amazon Takes on Quakerism?”