Lecture Today and Intro to The Lord’s Prayer

Today is my first chance to lecture in a classroom setting. As I have been preparing over the last couple weeks, I have found that I will never get it the way I want it. I have been writing and rewriting parts of it for the last three days and am not really sure thatContinue reading “Lecture Today and Intro to The Lord’s Prayer”

Hey Man Slow Down: The Art of Friendship Behind The Screen IV

I need to finish this series of four articles on Technology and how its affecting our lives in positive and negative ways before it gets away from me. When I first sat down to write about all of this it was because of a couple of prompts; my reading the Time Magazine article on multitasking and teenagers, my reading a book I had just finished by Joseph Grassi and an experience I had on the train. As I have been writing and thinking about all this, there was one last topic I felt I need to bring up: friendship in the technological age.

O Gracious Light: When Light and Darkness Find Each Other

Emily is returning home tomorrow, she has been gone since this past Saturday morning when she left for Ohio. Her trip was made up of two parts, she visited her mom and pops in Ohio, and then on Tuesday she flew out to Chicago to spend time with her sister and brother. From what it sounds like, it was a great trip; not only did she enjoy the concentrated time with her folks, but it has been a great time for her to visit the wonderful city of Chicago and kick it with her siblings.

How to Blog for Theology and Religion

I’ve been thinking for sometime about doing a short how-to for theological and religious blogs as blogging is something I’ve grown increasingly interested in and challenged by in the past 6 months.  There are many how-to blogs, and websites that cover tips on blogging – here are a few that I love to read regularly: Paulstamatiou.com; Emily Robins; Copyblogger; Lorelle; Blogging Pro; and Problogger; are these are just a few of the people who are dealing with tips on writing, and setting up your site design.

Hey Man Slow Down: Silence and Noise – Sharing Space with Technology III

I’ve been carrying on for the past week about slowing down in an age of technology; whether this is something we really need to do, why and how we might go about doing it are all questions I am looking at. In the last article I talked about multitasking, teenagers, and simplicity. I talked a little about how too much of a good thing can take away from our quality of life, and even worse our struggle to become human. In our day, there is a real struggle to find space to become fully human, there is so much competition for our loyalty, our money, our attention, and our bodies all of this can be used as advertisements for products, sex, religion, and services.

Hey Man Slow Down: Multitasking and Issues in Simplicity II

It was a picture of a adolescent boy surrounded by today’s latest and greatest gadgets – a picture I almost wanted to find myself in. The title of the article asks a pertinent question for today’s technologically immersed generation, “Are Kids Too Wired For Their Own Good????… In Time’s article, they approach the issue of young people (I would include any of us who have become adept at using the computer as an efficient tool to accomplish many tasks) multitasking, saying that young people have learned how to multitask far better than their parent’s generation.

Thoughts on Immigration, Vegetarianism, and James Cone

Without going into much of his argument (its worth the read and its a short book), he says that Jesus was not a Vegetarian in the first century but today he very well might be one because of how poorly the animals we eat are treated….  When asked by my good friend Jamie Pitts, what he would like to see white American theologians do to help with the issues of race in America he said, “One simple thing, if they are going to do theology, ‘christian theology’ then they must deal with the racial divide in America, in the whole world too, but especially in America.

The New Worlds We Stand Before

There is good news I can’t help but share, yesterday I opened my email to read,Wess,I’ve been given the go-ahead to officially welcome you into the PhD program…I’ve been assigned as your mentor, so I’m thrilled to be working with you for the next few years…I couldn’t be more pleased to have you in the program — I know you will make a strong contribution.RyanSo it all begins again, a new adventure, a new world of ideas, possibilities, and struggle lay before us. I can taste the fresh air of excitement, but I can also feel the hollowness of fear….  But hey, I didn’t know anything about what it would take to come to the point where an email in my inbox reads “Congratulations…???Everyone has their own journey, and story about how they got where they are and the struggles they overcame to get there.

9rules Religion Community Ping Homily on Courage

Taking his cue, I would like to share two ideas of courage: children are often very courageous and so are peacemakers; these two are closely related because their struggle is against those more powerful (in terms of size and might) in the world….  Fox is not alone in his courage facing the powers, many others have gone before him and many will follow in the footsteps of David, Jesus and Tom Fox – in that child like courage that confronted the those who are powerful and use it to harm others.