#Sketchnotes and The Writing Process

[This is an image of a sketchnote used for a sermon on Luke 13] There’s a really interesting article about sketching that Mike Rohde linked too from Smashing Magazine titled Hand-Sketching: Things You Didn’t Know Your Doodles Could Accomplish. The whole thing is worth read if your interested in the topic. It is about theContinue reading “#Sketchnotes and The Writing Process”

On Opening Our Doors to Critique

This post was originally written in September 2013 and it reflects issues that were going on then. Reflecting on the questions that relate to John Howard Yoder’s fall, I have been pushed to consider my own blind spots and complicity in the brokenness of the world. I have written some suggestions below for how weContinue reading “On Opening Our Doors to Critique”

When Peace Preserves Violence

As I continue to think about John Howard Yoder’s sexual misconduct and the reality that within his theology there is either implicit or explicit justification for this kind of behavior, I am concerned that my own theology is not only susceptible to this, but has already been impacted. How can I become more aware ofContinue reading “When Peace Preserves Violence”

Taking the Widow’s Mite: Economics from A Christian Perspective

I think that economics is the bleeding edge issue of our time. I recently had the opportunity to hear Colleen Wessel-McCoy, a Poverty Initiative Scholar, talk on this subject and she helped me in framing some of these issues with the suggestions of this typology around poverty. There are at least four ways that weContinue reading “Taking the Widow’s Mite: Economics from A Christian Perspective”

On Healing Vs. Being Cured

Trigger warning: Discussion around healing, being hurt, and other beliefs that have been used to wound people who are already wounded. Meeting for Worship for Healing In preparation for our “Meeting for Worship for Healing” I spoke to a couple of ministers who I like to learn from, I did my own thinking and writingContinue reading “On Healing Vs. Being Cured”

Suicide: Offering Help to Those Feeling Hopeless, and Accepting Our Limitations – a guest post by Emily Ostrowski

This article comes from friend and co-worker Emily Ostrowski. Emily is a suicide prevention counselor working with an organization that helps youth dealing with suicidal ideation. I think you’ll find what she’s offered here both helpful and moving. In Infinite Jest, renowned author David Foster Wallace, who tragically took his own life in 2008, comparesContinue reading “Suicide: Offering Help to Those Feeling Hopeless, and Accepting Our Limitations – a guest post by Emily Ostrowski”

Sucide: Defined By Life – a guest post by Julie Heidingsfelder

I have at least two more posts to share with all of you on the subject of suicide. This one comes from a woman, Julie Heidingsfelder, who is a member in our meeting. Julie has been impacted by the suicides of her grandfather and aunt. We are telling these stories because we think it’s importantContinue reading “Sucide: Defined By Life – a guest post by Julie Heidingsfelder”

Suicide: The Devil’s Own Loaves & Fishes – a guest post by Peggy Parsons

This post was written in 2010 for Peggy’s Personal blog “A Silly Poor Gospel” after the death of Friend and member of Freedom Friends Church of which she was then the pastor. Peggy’s ministry has been important to me over the years and this post is no different. J. who this post is about wasContinue reading “Suicide: The Devil’s Own Loaves & Fishes – a guest post by Peggy Parsons”

Suicide: The End of Paranoia – a guest post by Aaron Scott

This post continues the theme of reflecting on suicide and its impact in our lives. It is written by Aaron Scott, a close friend, biblical scholar, poverty initiative activist, and all around awesome person. She lost her grandpa earlier this year to mental illness, here is some of Aaron and her grandpa’s story. My grandpaContinue reading “Suicide: The End of Paranoia – a guest post by Aaron Scott”

Suicide: When Nobody Is Waiting for you Tomorrow

Image on flickr by martin_kelley This week is suicide prevention week and so it’s got me thinking more about suicide. I wrote some of my story about the suicide of my step-dad a few weeks back called “Suicide and the Things We Carry”. My wife Emily and I had moved to Los Angeles a fewContinue reading “Suicide: When Nobody Is Waiting for you Tomorrow”