Plan Ahead – Convergent Friends and New Monastics at Pendle Hill

Martin Kelley and I will be facilitating a weekend workshop at Pendle Hill this coming May (2010) that explores how tight-knit faith communities, such as convergent Friends, carry on and expand their witness via the web and participatory culture. The dates for the workshop are May 14-16 and there will be some recommended pre-reading forContinue reading “Plan Ahead – Convergent Friends and New Monastics at Pendle Hill”

Meeting New Challenges Through Repetition

In every generation the church faces new, as well as old, challenges. For many years, Christendom allowed a basic stability within the culture for the church to remain in tact. It was a false sense of security, human capital because people were expected to hold membership in a local church, but security nonetheless. Thus, duringContinue reading “Meeting New Challenges Through Repetition”

Mind the Fire, Fan the Flame: A Message of Hope for Quakers

I’m currently digging through my research on Freedom Friends Church and found a blog post Liz Opp wrote awhile back that got my attention. In the post Liz talks about hearing Peggy (FFC’s pastor) and Alivia (Clerk of the meeting) present on their church. She makes some useful observations including the creativity that gets incorporatedContinue reading “Mind the Fire, Fan the Flame: A Message of Hope for Quakers”

Blogging as Ministry in A Virtual World

Quaker blogger Robin Mohr has written a really thoughtful post, if you are interested in ministry in a web 2.0 culture this is a must read essay. Here are the three key points she brings up and then a few I add to the list: For me, the first point is that my blog isContinue reading “Blogging as Ministry in A Virtual World”

Practicing Re-Collection (or Centering) Prayer

One thing that came out of our weekend retreat was a number of practices I want to work on and integrate into my life. This mostly came from the morning workshop on contextualizing the “testimony to plainness.” In other words, how do we cut out the excessive parts of our lives in 2009? And theContinue reading “Practicing Re-Collection (or Centering) Prayer”

Stations of the Lord’s Prayer (A Worship Resource)

This past weekend at our convergent Quaker retreat we had both programmed (planned) and unprogrammed (silent) worship. For the programmed worship on Saturday morning I planned an interactive worship time based around the Lord’s Prayer (a topic I am deeply interested in). In this post I’ve included a video and pictures of the various stations,Continue reading “Stations of the Lord’s Prayer (A Worship Resource)”

Reflections From The Convergent Retreat 2009

Since Martin and Robin, the two co-leaders with me of this past weeken’s retreat, have already written their first I figured I better get on writing something because I’m already late! I really had a great time this weekend. Ben Lomond Quaker Center is up in the beautiful Santa Cruz mountains, it’s a lovely place to haveContinue reading “Reflections From The Convergent Retreat 2009”

Three Features of Everett Cattell’s Mission Theology

In preparation for the convergent Friends retreat this weekend I have been putting together some discussion notes on Everett Cattell. I will be presenting him as a “convergent Friend of the past” on Saturday evening. Because of this I was reminded that I wanted to post some summary remarks about his theology.  This past coupleContinue reading “Three Features of Everett Cattell’s Mission Theology”

Following the Convergent Retreat This Weekend

I’ve mentioned a few times that a bunch of us are getting together this weekend in Northern California for a convergent Friends retreat at Ben Lommond Quaker Center. For those of you who won’t be able to join us, we want to be able to make at least some of the retreat available to youContinue reading “Following the Convergent Retreat This Weekend”

Join Us at the Convergent Friends Retreat in February

Robin, Martin and I will be co-leading a weekend retreat on convergent Friends we’re calling “Reclaiming the Power of Primitive Quakerism for the 21st Century” at the Ben Lomond Quaker Center this February 20-22. We’re getting pretty excited about the weekend. Basically, it’s going to be a time for everyone interested and/or already invested inContinue reading “Join Us at the Convergent Friends Retreat in February”