Nursery of Truth: A New Convergent Friends Project

For almost a year now Quakers from 8-10 different meetings in the Northwest have been getting together once a month for a “convergent worship gathering.” We move around to different meetinghouses and enjoy a time of bible reading, silence and worship sharing. Programmed and unprogrammed Friends alike enjoy the space as an opportunity to buildContinue reading “Nursery of Truth: A New Convergent Friends Project”

Remix Culture and the Church

During Quaker Heritage Day one of the key themes I discussed was the idea of remix culture recently written about by Lawrence Lessig in his book with the same title. ((You can download Remix for free from here)) Remix culture has a long history that began back with the advent of the record player (hereContinue reading “Remix Culture and the Church”

Follow-Up Materials From Quaker Heritage Day

For now, I’d like to share the materials that were requested by those there at the Quaker Heritage Day event in Berkeley, CA this past weekend. A number of folks hoped I’d share the slides, and other documents. You can find those things below. Hopefully these things can aid in jogging memories and help withContinue reading “Follow-Up Materials From Quaker Heritage Day”

Book Giveaway: Three Copies of Spirit Rising: Young Quaker Voices

I don’t know about you but I love free books! So, in the spirit of Christmas I wanted to gift three people with a copy of the book I helped edit and love to share around. The book was published this year by Quaker Press and has been well received by many. The book is a collectionContinue reading “Book Giveaway: Three Copies of Spirit Rising: Young Quaker Voices”

Modest Proposal .pdf Version Available

Because I’ve been posting about Brent Bill’s recent series of posts about the revitalization of Friends I wanted to alert all of you to the fact that he’s edited all the blog posts down into a .pdf. I was excited to learn he was going to organize them in this way and plan to haveContinue reading “Modest Proposal .pdf Version Available”

More Detailed Information for Quaker Heritage Day

February 12-13 I will be in Berkeley (at Berkeley Friends Church) discussing some of my favorite topics with anyone who wants to join us. The series of talks is currently being called “Heralding The New Creation: Mission as Participation in the Quaker Tradition” and in it investigate the renewal of tradition through a Quaker theologyContinue reading “More Detailed Information for Quaker Heritage Day”

Brent Bill: A Modest Proposal – For the Revitalization of the Quaker Message in the United Staes

Brent Bill, Quaker, author, convergent Friend, and all around good guy, is beginning a series on his blog that I am really looking forward to. In it he’s going to be looking at what the Quaker message is for today. I admitted that I had some interest in the future of the Friends message inContinue reading “Brent Bill: A Modest Proposal – For the Revitalization of the Quaker Message in the United Staes”

Quaker Youth Pilgrimage 2010 Epistle

Micah Bales, one of the leaders of the Quaker Youth Pilgrimage, just posted their Epistle from the trip on his blog. Here’s one section that particularly stands out to me, especially after my recent post on the subject. As a gathered youth, we are empowered to speak of one final, lasting concern. Throughout the pilgrimageContinue reading “Quaker Youth Pilgrimage 2010 Epistle”

Quaker Youth Pilgrimage Stops by Camas

This past weekend 29 youth and 3 adult leaders who have been traveling on a month long spiritual pilgrimage through the Pacific Northwest took a (planned) detour through Camas Washington and spent a few days with those of us at Camas Friends. They all slept and ate in our meeting house, and joined us forContinue reading “Quaker Youth Pilgrimage Stops by Camas”