GMO OMG! Jeremy Seifert’s New Sizzle Real

My friend Jeremy Seifert, the guy behind the popular documentary Dive!, which I have reviewed here in the past, is beginning work on a new documentary about GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms). I am really excited about the new project and have posted it a few times in various places, but I haven’t shared the “SizzleContinue reading “GMO OMG! Jeremy Seifert’s New Sizzle Real”

New Missiology Books October 2010

As a doctoral student in missiology I like to keep up on the new things getting published on the subject. Here are a few new books that are out that have caught my attention. ((Books include referral code links to Powell’s Books an Independent bookstore in Portland, Oregon.)) Summaries provided by In 1910 ProtestantContinue reading “New Missiology Books October 2010”

Small Group Discussion Guide for “The Quakers: A Very Short Introduction”

Over the course of the summer a small group at Camas Friends Church worked through Ben Pink Dandelion’s “The Quakers: A Very Short Introduction.” The book is honestly a little deceiving. It is short, but the font is also small and it is packed full with tons of information. So while it is short, it isContinue reading “Small Group Discussion Guide for “The Quakers: A Very Short Introduction””

How Krista Tippett is Rocking My World

One of the things that has been really inspiring me lately is Krista Tippett’s radio/podcast program “Being,” which as of a month ago was known more widely as “Speaking of Faith.” The show interviews a variety of people from various faiths and perspectives who are doing some really meaningful things with their lives. I’ve knownContinue reading “How Krista Tippett is Rocking My World”

Joan Chittister’s “The Liturgical Year”

I picked up a copy of Joan Chittister’s new book “The Liturgical Year” the other day at Powells. ((affiliate links connected to powell’s online bookstore)) Chittister, a long-time nun, writes in this book a theological and practical explanation of the liturgical calendar. I’m pretty excited about this book, as I’ve already talked about my interest andContinue reading “Joan Chittister’s “The Liturgical Year””

Creating Liberated Spaces: Some Thoughts

Back in February, and on the dawn of Transfiguration Sunday, about 30 (?) folks piled into a Southeastern Portland home to share in a conversation being facilitated by two out of towners Eliacin Rosario-Cruz (Seattle) and Mark Van Steenwyk (Minnesota). The crowd was made up of a number of men and women from a variety ofContinue reading “Creating Liberated Spaces: Some Thoughts”

Spirit Rising: Young Quaker Voices (Pre-Order Our New Book!)

As many of you know I have been on an editorial board of young Quakers for that past couple years working on a book that collects writings from Quakers around the world. The book was edited by Angelina Conti, Cara Curtis, Harriet Hart, Sarah Katreen Hoggatt, Evelyn Jadin, John Epur Lomuria, Emma Condori Mamani, KatrinaContinue reading “Spirit Rising: Young Quaker Voices (Pre-Order Our New Book!)”

Missions by the Spirit by Ron Stansell (Quaker Missions)

Quaker Missiologist Ron Stansell has a new book coming out this month from Barclay Press called Missions By the Spirit. My review of the book is posted there if you have interest in getting a brief overview. I recommend the book to all of you who are interested in missions as it pertains to Quakers.Continue reading “Missions by the Spirit by Ron Stansell (Quaker Missions)”

The Power (and Difficulty) of Forgiveness

Of the many things to be considered today the thing that stands out to me as I sit down to write this is the film we watched this evening called “The Power of Forgiveness.” Four of us from our meeting traveled to St. Luke’s Episcopal in downtown Vancouver to watch this documentary on various (difficult)Continue reading “The Power (and Difficulty) of Forgiveness”