the flux of life finds a resting point in silence

the flux of life finds a resting point in silence Originally uploaded by cwdaniels. Life is influx. The faces keep changing. Memories keep fading, while new roads we travel. i don’t see the future as clear as I would like to. I am like the blind beggar, wondering where my next meal will come from,Continue reading “the flux of life finds a resting point in silence”

To the theme of Psalm 16 – by Joel Short

Madness and kicking it anabaptist style: We just got done playing our fuller flag tournament. Sparkle motion lost in its second game. we fought hard and went down swinging, what more could you want in a loss? Finals are only 6 more days. then freedom – well at least for 3 weeks. I need it.Continue reading “To the theme of Psalm 16 – by Joel Short”

Americans, Rights, and Voting

“MY Right” I like millions of others voted today, the painless process of excersizing “my right.” there was a sense of satisfaction every time i clicked that little “inkavote” pen. i did wonder who keeps thinking of these out-dated forms of voting. I was glad that it was in a retirement home also – theContinue reading “Americans, Rights, and Voting”

Finder (Mon 10/25/04 8:26:02 AM)

I was editing a Fuller professor’s website today, for this short essay he just did on how Bush and the Republican Party isn’t really Pro-Life, if you look at how abortion has actually raised since he took office. I pasted the article below, it is short so you should check it out, especially if youContinue reading “Finder (Mon 10/25/04 8:26:02 AM)”

A short article concerning Christ-based beliefs in a time of war.

Confessing Christ in a World of Violence Our world is wracked with violence and war. Dr. Glen Stassen But Jesus said: “Blessed are the peacemakers, forthey shall be called the children of God” (Matt. 5:9). Innocent people, at home and abroad, are increasingly threatened by terrorist attacks. But Jesus said: “Love your enemies, prayContinue reading “A short article concerning Christ-based beliefs in a time of war.”