Exploring a Rhythm of Life, Creativity, and Leadership from the Quaker Tradition with Rhett Smith

Rhett Smith Podcast 6: Exploring a Rhythm of Life, Creativity, and Leadership from the Quaker Tradition — with Theologian, Professor and Writer, Wess Daniels. Rhett and I became friends at Fuller Seminary when I was working on my Masters in Theology and he was working on his Masters in Family Therapy. He and I haveContinue reading “Exploring a Rhythm of Life, Creativity, and Leadership from the Quaker Tradition with Rhett Smith”

Our Big News About Guilford College

This was recently posted to Guilford College’s website: C. Wess Daniels has been named the William R. Rogers Director of Friends Center and Quaker Studies, succeeding Max Carter, who will retire this summer after 25 years at Guilford. Wess has been a full-time Quaker minister, educator, researcher and public theologian, and has been working towardContinue reading “Our Big News About Guilford College”

Meeting for Readings and How to Do Them

Mikel Birkel’s book “Engaging Scripture” Reading the Bible with Early Friends,” is a fantastic book that is helpful not just for Quakers but for anyone looking for different ways of reading Scripture (inwardly, meditatively, together, lectio, for transformation, etc.). It’s a book we’ve used in a variety of settings at Camas Friends Church and peopleContinue reading “Meeting for Readings and How to Do Them”

Upcoming Agenda for Greensboro Visit

Guilford College is flying me out to Greensboro, NC next week (March 27-April 1) to be their “Judith Weller Harvey Scholar” and to do some speaking around the area. I’m looking forward to visiting with f/Friends, having a little time away with my wife, Emily, who is joining me, and meeting new folks. I will haveContinue reading “Upcoming Agenda for Greensboro Visit”

The Contours of Convers(at)ions

Yesterday I began to sketch out some thoughts on how my approach to teaching the Bible has shifted towards a participatory understanding of learning and community. (This is no small part is influenced by the research of my dissertation and is reflected in much greater detail there and in my forthcoming book.) Today I wantContinue reading “The Contours of Convers(at)ions”

Convers(at)ions With Scripture

There has been an evolution of thought for me when it comes to understanding how to read, interpret and teach Scripture within community. That evolution has taken place over the course the last 18 years or so (I’ve been leading bible studies since I was in High School myself). It began with the basic thought aContinue reading “Convers(at)ions With Scripture”